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DSP Jahrbuch 2017/ DSP Yearbook 2017

Browse through an eventful 2017 with our current yearbook!


MITARBEITER-BULLETIN STAFF BULLETIN WILLKOMMEN Fragen an unsere neuen Mitarbeiter Questions for our new colleagues 1. Ich bin angestellt als? 1. I am employed as? 2. Ich liebe an meiner Arbeit am meisten? 2. What I love the most about my job? 3. Meine 3 wichtigsten Arbeitsutensilien? 3. My 3 most important working utensils? 4. Mein Traumberuf als Kind? 4. My dream job as a child? 5. Meine Leidenschaft/Mein liebstes Hobby? 5. My passion/my dearest hobby? 6. Meine Lebensweisheit? 6. My worldly wisdom? Anja Schlüter 1. Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Marketing-Verantwortliche 2. Nach vielen Jahren in der „Corporate World” ist es toll, meine Berufliche Leidenschaft als PR/Marketing Verantwortliche in einem Milieu auszuleben, wo meine Kinder sind. 3. Einen schwarzen Verwaltungs-Kaffee (der starke Kaffee ist gewöhnungsbedürftig aber heutzutage geht es kaum noch ohne) PC und Handy Kamera 4. Journalistin… genau wie Karla Kolumna, die Reporterin der Neustädter Zeitung bei Benjamin Blümchen! 5. Laufen – früher Marathon bis Comrades, heute flitze ich hinter 2 Jungs her… Wandern – früher Fish River Canyon mit wenig Gepäck 90km in fünf Tagen, heute mit viel Proviant, kurze Strecken mit der ganzen Familie… 6. Halte nicht mit einer Hand an der Vergangenheit fest, du brauchst beide Hände für die Zukunft! Susen Truffel-Reiff 1. Web & Media Coordinator 2. My “sparring partner” Anja, my “mum-at-work” Rita, my “cheer-me-up” Olga and my „Ruhepol“ Sabine 3. Highlighter Pens, Post-Its, the “DUDEN” 4. I had several dream jobs as a child, but I think my main dream was becoming a journalist or an author 5. Dogs (especially “Pitbull breeds” and “pavement specials”) as well as all animals and nature in general and of course being creative in any kind of way 6. The Soul is the same in every living creature, although the body of each is different! Vleeonharr Moyo 1. Assistant/Student librarian 2. Helping the little ones find books 3. Computer, network & internet 4. Being a singer/tennis player 5. Singing & playing tennis 6. Teamwork makes me dreamwork – we are only as strong as the weakest link 16 DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Mitarbeiter-Bulletin

Lorrainga Mothokwa 1. Admin Assistant 2. What I love most about my job is the diversity. One never really thinks about what happens behind the scenes and to be part of a team that keeps the school up and running is awesome! There is a lot of work that goes into making things happen, and I have learned a lot of skills that I can apply to my everyday life 3. My laptop – it helps me keep track of my activities and tasks that I complete Writing utensils (paper, pen, pencil) – sometimes I get a lot of tasks at the same times and I like to make little notes to keep track of my small thoughts The admin team – without the admin team I would be lost. They are all older and wiser than me which helps me gain more experience and knowledge 4. I’ve had a lot of dream jobs as a child, from wanting to be a model (preferably runway and editorial), to being a writer (short stories and poetry). As I’ve gotten older, I have learned my strengths and my energies and I think I am on the right path to channelling them the right way. Ultimately I want to become a Diplomat because I have always had a vision of helping people and with diplomacy I can do it on a large scale. 5. I can’t say I have one specific passion because there world is big and there are a lot of things to experience. I do however love reading books and listening to music. But if I had to choose (gun to my head), my passion is definitely coffee; I LOVE COFFEE. In terms of hobbies, I’m kind of lazy, so nothing super hectic. I love to swim and to play beach volleyball 6. “Trust the vibes you get because energy doesn’t lie”. I have learned to apply this phrase in situations where fact and science can’t really help. Sometimes one just has to trust their intuitions and generals feelings Gudrun Graefe (auch genannt: Bumbum oder Du-dun) 1. Lehrerin der Giraffenklasse in der Kinderkrippe 2. Wenn die Kinder, die noch gar nicht reden können (es aber nicht wissen), mir ALLES erzählen!! 3. Ausdauer, Wachsamkeit und Sandschaufel 4. Als Kind begriff ich nicht, dass ich mal groß werden würde… also: einen Traum als Beruf. 5. In diesem Lebensabschnitt (leider) s♥c♥h♥l♥a♥f♥e♥n 6. Am Anfang war, was auch am Ende sein wird. Heike Karen Meyer 1. Dolphin teacher at the Kindergarten 2. I have the best colleagues/team and every day I see a child achieving something they could not before 3. My pen, laptop (for Pinterest), my pencil 4. To be a Veterinarian as I love animals 5. Hiking as I love being outdoors 6. My worldly wisdom that I live by is from a quote from Nelson Mandela: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world Bianca Bam 1. Since March of 2017 I have been employed at the DSP Grundschule as an assistant with the Grade 2a and 2e classes, and starting 2018 I will have the privilege to be the class teacher of the grade 8D, teaching mostly German as a foreign language (DaF) 2. Having been able to witness the special, and at times adorable, things that children say and do that have the ability to put a smile on my face even on the most challenging of days; and knowing that I play a special part in helping to form well-rounded little people 3. My notebook, course books and red pen 4. My dream as a child was to be a Florist who would deliver flowers to the sick and elderly in hospital 5. From a young age my absolute favourite form of art to practise has been sculpting, furthermore I also highly enjoy drawing and playing the piano 6. Spend time with those who matter, take care of yourself, and always be grateful DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Mitarbeiter-Bulletin 17

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