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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Keep your bathroom TIDY

Keep your bathroom TIDY & ORGANISED A. SHOWER HANGING ORGANISER ONLY £7 B. OVERDOOR BATHROOM ORGANISER £15 A. SHOWER HANGING ORGANISER A space saving storage solution that will help keep your bathroom tidy. Neatly stores all of your shower essentials. 100% polyester mesh. Coated metal hanger included. L66 x W36cm (25¾ x 14¼”). 900303-9P £7 B. OVERDOOR BATHROOM ORGANISER Hang the bathroom organiser with 2 overdoor hooks (included) and you’ll never have to search for your favourite shower essential again! Blue plastic. Size H90 x W34 x D10cm (35½ x 13¼ x 4”). 900311-9P £15 C. PLASTIC BATH TIDY £5 New for you D. SOAP SAVERS £8 PACK OF 2 120 C. PLASTIC BATH TIDY Handy plastic bath tidy, complete with 2 suction cups to affix it to your tiles. H9 x W21 x D7cm (3½ x 8¼ x 2¾”). 909980-9P £5 D. SOAP SAVERS Springy fronds keep your soap elevated out of the residual water, and holes let it drain so it doesn’t disintegrate into a messy, gluey goo. Pack of 2. L12 x W8cm (4¾ x 3¼”). 900320-9P £8

E. KNEELING PAD BATH TIDY £15 New for you Suction pads provide a secure fit to bath Thick foam pads protect your knees G. BUYER’S FAVOURITE A fun way to store your children’s bathroom essentials and the thick padding provides the perfect protection for your knees. BUY ITEMS E & F TOGETHER AND SAVE £2 .50 910007-9P £17 Bath Here at Kleeneze we offer a range of bathroom accessories to make your bathroom both beautiful and practical. Our collection is both durable and versatile and will co-ordinate well within your current setting or provide you with all you need for your bathroom make over! Folds flat against the bath for safe storage F. MESH BATH TIDY F. MESH BATH TIDY Large mesh storage bag. Simply attach to your tiles or bath with the 2 strong suction cups, decorated by 2 cute ducks. H27 x W40cm (10½ x 15¾”). 909998-9P £4.50 E. KNEELING PAD BATH TIDY Save your knees with the thick kneeling pad feature of this bath tidy. Also contains 2 large pockets to store bottles and sponges and 2 suction pads to secure it to the bath. Full size: H89 x W45 x D2cm (35 x 17¾ x ¾”). 909971-9P £15 £4 .50 New for you FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 121