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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


SPACE SAVING 8 - IN - 1 TOOL SET 1. Funnel ONLY £8 2. Lemon Squeezer 3. Egg Separator 1. Funnel 2. Lemon squeezer 3. Egg separator 4. Jar Opener 5. Cheese Grater 6. Egg Pulverizer 4. Jar opener COLOUR CODED ANTI - BACTERIAL CHOPPING MATS For poultry, fish, meat and vegetables B. ONLY £8 5. Cheese grater 7. Spice grater 8. Measure jug 6. Egg pulverizer A. 8-IN-1 MULTI TOOL SET Everything you need for your kitchen in one simple, compact design! Each piece stacks into each other for ease of storage. Made from plastic. H28 x W8cm (11 x 3½”). 901610-9P £8 Pack of 8 TEASPOONS 7. Spice Grater 8. Measure Jug ONLY £5 Flexible B. ANTI-BACTERIAL CHOPPING MATS Help prevent bacteria growth by preparing food on these 4 colour coded chopping boards. Hygienic and odour free. L38 x W30.5cm (15 x 12”). 061018-9P £8 66 C. PACK OF 8 TEASPOONS Pack of 8 stainless steel teaspoons. Each measures L15 x W3 x D1.5cm (6 x 1¼ x ½”). 791679-9P £5

D. £20 8-PIECE SET Colour coded KNIFE BLOCK Grab the right knife at a glance ONLY £4 E. KITCHEN 8” Chef’s Knife INCLUDES EGG TIMER 8” Slicer Knife 8” Bread Knife 3 1/2 ” Paring Knife Multiple uses, including bottle opener and nut cracker 4 1/2 ” Utility Knife D. 8-PIECE KNIFE BLOCK SET Set contains 7 stainless steel knives (with riveted handles) and egg timer. All neatly stored in a block. Not to be sold to persons under the age of 18. 724629-9P £20 CUTS THROUGH the crumbliest cheese with ease ONLY £4 All Purpose Scissors Potato Peeler E. KITCHEN SCISSORS With powerful stainless steel blades and a handy bottle opener incorporated into the handle. Ideal for a multitude of purposes, including jointing chickens, cutting wire and cracking nuts. Length 20cm (7¾”). 080004-9P £4 G. KNIFE SHARPENER £4 .50 Also sharpens scissors F. THICK AND THIN CHEESE SLICER This Cheese Slicer offers a thick and thin slicing option, is simple to use, and cuts through the crumbliest of cheese with ease. L22.8 x W2.5 x H1.8cm (8¾ x 1 x ¾”). 022195-9P £4 G. KNIFE SHARPENER Lightweight and easy to use. Length 18cm (7⅛”). 083623-9P £4.50 FOR PRODUCT VIDEOS please contact your distributor 67