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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


A. EXTRA LARGE DUSTERS ONLY A. PACK OF 10 EXTRA LARGE DUSTERS These soft yellow cloths are 100% cotton. Machine washable. Pack of 10. Size L28 x W31cm (11 x 12¼”). 799440-9P £5 C. LIQUID GOLD £10 Extra large 100% Cotton B. £6 .50 £5 FAST & EFFECTIVE LEATHER CLEANER PACK OF 10 PERFECT FOR: ✔ Upholstery ✔ Handbags ✔ Shoes ✔ Garments ✔ Suitcases REMOVES: ✔ Everyday dirt & grime ✔ Spot stains ✔ Oil ✔ Paint ✔ Wine ✔ Coffee B. LEATHER SPRAY CLEANER Will not scratch and is gentle enough to use on the softest leathers. Not to be used on suede, nubuck or aniline leather. Do not use on worn or damaged areas of leather. 500ml. £13 per litre. 079456-9P £6.50 Before D. SILVER POLISHING CLOTH £7 C. LIQUID GOLD Specially formulated to clean, nourish and revive old or tired wood. Suitable for all natural wood finishes. 250ml. £40 per litre. 900117-9P £10 Before After SUITABLE FOR: ✔ Aluminium ✔ Brass ✔ Copper ✔ Silver New for you 28 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG After D. SILVER POLISHING CLOTH Diamond clean silver polishing cloth with tarnish protection. Washable. Size L30 x W24cm (11¾ x 9½”). 921580-9P £7

IT’S A 10 OUT OF 10 FROM ME... Two dogs and a cream carpet don’t mix. I thought my carpet was on its way out until I tried this product. It’s great for getting rid of daily spills and big disasters. It brought my carpet up like new, I was amazed ! D. SOLIHULL E. ONLY £6 Ideal to use with the shampoo applicator brush! Item F (below) CLEAN & PROTECT E. CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY SHAMPOO Get rid of stains and grime with this dry foam shampoo formula. Suitable for most furnishing fabrics. For manual use only. 750ml. £8 per litre. 086479-9P £6 F. SHAMPOO APPLICATOR BRUSH G. BUY BOTH & SAVE! Buy items E & F together for £11 and save £1 799190-9P £11 ONLY £6 F. SHAMPOO APPLICATOR BRUSH Unscrew the handle to pour in the shampoo solution. Shampoo is evenly dispersed through the sponge, while bristles work deep in the pile to remove dirt. Size L27 x W8cm (10½ x 3¼”). 010154-9P £6 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 29