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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Make your windows SHINE!

Make your windows SHINE! 300m SPRAY FUNCTION Suitable for water or detergent CLOTH FUNCTION Clean windows and shower screens SQUEEGEE FUNCTION Dry, streakfree windows every time A. SPRAY SQUEEGEE £8 A. SPRAY SQUEEGEE Perfect for windows and shower screens. Simply add cleaning solution, spray and clean! One side of the squeegee features a microfibre cloth, perfect for cleaning, and the other has a squeegee blade for quick and streak-free drying. L42 x W15cm (16½ x 6”). 909882-9P £8 B. PACK OF 2 REPLACEMENT CLOTHS Microfibre cloths. 80% polyester, 20% polyamide. Machine washable. L15 x W7cm (6 x 2¾”). 909904-9P £6 BUYER’S FAVOURITE The ultimate, triplefunction glass cleaner. Squeegee, cloth and spray all in one neat package! For use indoor & outdoor New for you C. GLASS STAY CLEAN ONLY £10 D. WINDOW CLEANER WITH VINEGAR ONLY £5 .50 THEY KEEP THEIR SHINE FOR LONGER Makes my life so much easier as I only have to clean my windows and mirrors once every few months. Believe it or not, they keep their shine for so much longer than normal cleaners. MRS H. HARROGATE C. GLASS STAY CLEAN Long lasting treatment for glass which cleans beautifully. Hydrophobic coating repels rain, sleet & snow. Prevents build-up of dirt & grime. 500ml. £20 per litre. 760960-9P £10 D. WINDOW CLEANER WITH VINEGAR The natural cleaning power of vinegar is renowned for the sparkling results that it achieves on windows. With this in mind, this cleaner has been specially designed for a streakfree formulation. Cutting through grime effortlessly, it will leave your windows gleaming and streak-free. 500ml. £11 per litre. 053023-9P £5.50 42 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG

E. 3.4 METRE EXTENDABLE WINDOW WASHER Extends from 1.5m to 3.4m (5ft - 11ft 3”). Can also be handheld. Ideal for conservatories. Swivel feature means position of cleaning head can be adjusted. Wash head pad is removable and machine washable. 063932-9P £26 F. REPLACEMENT WASH HEAD PAD Replacement head pad for item E. 066400-9P £3.50 Extends from 1.5 to 3.4 m E. 3.4 METRE EXTENDABLE WINDOW WASHER £26 Adjustable swivel head CLEAN & PROTECT Now you can clean upstairs windows with ease Detachable squeegee Ideal for conservatories Detachable wash head Gives you a superb streak-free finish ✔ Lint free ✔ Lasts for years ✔ Excellent polishing results G. WINDOW SCRIMS ONLY £7 PACK OF 2 G. PACK OF 2 WINDOW SCRIMS Now you can easily achieve sparkling clean windows and mirrors - without a smear in sight! Can use one damp cloth for washing and one dry for polishing. Made from natural linen. 100% linen. Size L42 x W42cm (16½ x 16½”). 056731-9P £7 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 43