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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


NO VENT REQUIRED prevent condensation escaping A. DRYER CONDENSER £25 B. SHOE TUMBLE DRYER BAG ONLY £5 Stop your shoes from crashing around in the dryer A. DRYER CONDENSER Prevents condensation from escaping throughout your home. Wall mountable. No vent required. No ice cubes needed. Supplied with a pair of hydrophobic filters which remove fluff. Size H14 x W28 x D14cm (5½ x 11 x 5½”). Not suitable for gas tumble dryers. 759171-9P £25 C. JUMPER DRYER £8 SET OF 4 REPLACEMENT FILTERS 759180-9P £6 B. SHOE TUMBLE DRYER BAG Stop your shoes from crashing around in the dryer. Mesh shoe bag complete with elastic straps to attach to the dryer door. 100% polyester mesh. Size L40 x W40cm (16 x 16”). 900249-9P £5 D. TUMBLE DRYER SHEETS ONLY £5 PACK OF 50 SHEETS Before After 98 C. JUMPER DRYER Dry your jumpers without leaving unsightly creases and crinkles with this pop-open jumper dryer! Can also be used for blouses and chiffon skirts. Size when closed L39 x W36cm (15¼ x 14¼”), size when open L39 x W81cm (15¼ x 31¾”). 900257-9P £8 D. TUMBLE DRYER SHEETS Our fantastic Tumble Dryer Sheets can breathe freshness back into your laundry! Simply place one in your load and you’ll notice how much softer your clothes are. Pack of 50 sheets. 040100-9P £5

E. RADIATOR AIRER £10 F. OVER-DOOR HOOKS PACK OF 2 ONLY £4 LAUNDRY Folds for easy storage Perfect if you have limited space in your home Balcony Over door E. RADIATOR AIRER Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It won’t rust . Very versatile featuring 6 hanging rails. A real household must have! Size H34 x W52 x D17.5cm (20½ x 7 x 13¼”). 726532-9P £10 G. IRONING BOARD BRACES £5 SET OF 4 F. PACK OF TWO OVER-DOOR HOOKS A great way to create additional storage space throughout the home. No tools required, just hook over your doors for instant hanging space. Plastic. Fits 4cm wide doors. 791083-9P £4 AN ECO FRIENDLY AID for use in your washer or dryer H. HEDGEHOG LAUNDRY AND DRYING BALLS Use in the washing machine and save washing powder as the soft spikes aid the cleaning process. Use in the tumble dryer as a chemical-free way to soften laundry. Pack of 2. Diam. 7cm (2¾”). 900230-9P £7 H. HEDGEHOG LAUNDRY AND DRYING BALLS £7 PACK OF 2 G. IRONING BOARD BRACES Keep your ironing board cover straight and free from slipping. These strong elastic braces clip onto the ironing board cover, keeping it firmly in place and wrinkle free. Set of 4 to fit any board size. Elastic straps: 60% polyester, 40% latex. 020702-9P £5 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 99