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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


A. STIFF HAND BRUSH £4 B. BROOM TIDY £7 ✔ Stiff bristles ✔ Ideal for stairs ✔ Indoors & outdoors BUYER’S FAVOURITE This will save you so much space as well as keeping things nice and tidy - it really is a must-have. A. STIFF HAND BRUSH Featuring stiff bristles, this handy brush will enable you to quickly brush away any dust, dirt or hair. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Lightweight. Size L30 x W10 x H5.5cm (12 x 4 x 2”). 755982-9P £4 B. BROOM TIDY This wall or door mounted brush and broom organiser will store a broom and up to six other items. Made from sturdy plastic. Complete with fixing screws. H11cm x W35.5x D8.5cm (4¼ x 14 x 3¼”). 790907-9P £7 3 brilliant long handled brooms... BRISTLING with VALUE C. SOFT BROOM Ideal for general household use and perfect on vinyl, tiled and wooden flooring. Pole length 120cm (47¼”). 755907-9P £8 D. ANGLED BROOM Bristles and handle are angled, making it ideal for hard to reach corners. Slimline design for narrow gaps. Soft bristles. Pole length 120cm (47¼”). 755923-9P £8 E. STIFF BROOM Ideal for sweeping laminate floors, as well as paths, patios and driveways. Pole length 120cm (47¼”). 755915-9P £9 C. SOFT BROOM £8 For general household use For hard to reach corners and gaps Great for laminate floors and outdoors D. ANGLED BROOM £8 E. STIFF BROOM £9 24

SET OF 3 MIRACLE DUSTERS Includes duster with telescopic handle BUYER’S FAVOURITE CLEAN & PROTECT F. EXTRA LONG DUST BUSTER ONLY £10 Extends to 108cm for extra reach Dust clings to them like magic, so these 3 Miracle Dusters will keep your home really clean and dust free. Plus the telescopic duster works wonders on shelves, ceilings, corners, door tops and other hard-to-reach places. G. ONLY £7 Extends to 200cm for extra reach F. EXTRA LONG DUST BUSTER This extendable duster generates its own static electricity, which picks up dust like a magnet! Washable, with a removable extension, featuring lockable telescopic twist action, that gives you up to 200cm (78¾”) extra reach. 079677-9P £10 Telescopic handle & flexible head G. SET OF 3 MIRACLE DUSTERS Three different handle lengths for keeping everything, from floor to ceiling, dust free! Set of 3: L24cm (9½”), L66cm (26”) and telescopic L108cm (42½”). Telescopic duster has flexible point to angle head for hard to reach places. 079669-9P £7 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 25