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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


A. DIAMOND POWER DECALCIFIER BALLOON WAS £8 NOW ONLY £5 .50 A. DIAMOND POWER DECALCIFIER BALLOON Simply fill this Decalcifier Balloon with the Descaler Liquid (item B) or any decalcifying solution and pull over your tap. Fits all standard taps. Diam. 5cm x H6.5cm (2 x 6½”). Silicone. 756164-9P £5.50 A simple way to DESCALE KETTLES C. KETTLE DESCALERS £4 PACK OF 2 Fits over tap Simply place in your kettle & use as normal Simply fill with Kleeneze Descaler Liquid and fit the Balloon over your tap to decalcify it Before Before After B. DESCALER LIQUID ONLY £5 B. DESCALER LIQUID A highly effective liquid descaler. Ideal for quickly removing limescale buildup from small appliances such as metal and plastic kettles, coffee makers and steam irons. Also ideal for shower heads. A fully biodegradable organic acid with natural antibacterial qualities. 400ml. £12.50 per litre. 756148-9P £5 D. £3 .50 PACK OF 4 CLEANS: ✔ Teapot spouts ✔ Tumble dryer vents ✔ Pipes & more Pack of 4 After C. KETTLE DESCALERS Rids kettles of limescale. Washable and reusable. Pack of 2. Size of each descaler L4 x diam. 3.5cm (1½ x 1¼”). 062359-9P £4 D. MINI BRUSHES Ideal for awkward places. Pack of 4 - from 1 to 3cm in diameter (½ x 1¼”). 076368-9P £3.50 12 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG

POWERFUL CLEANING SOLUTIONS for hard-to-shift grease, stains and bacteria! E. GREASE LIFTER CLEAN & PROTECT £6 F. MAX STRENGTH DEGREASER ✔ Ideal for bakeware, pans & deep fat fryers ✔ No scrubbing needed ✔ Looks as good as new in minutes E. ASTONISH PRO GREASE LIFTER Fast and effective without the need for scrubbing. 10 tablets, specially formulated to remove the toughest burnt-on grease and grime. 10 x 20g tablets. 790788-9P £6 £7 .50 F. MAX STRENGTH DEGREASER Maximum strength, this degreaser will get rid of stubborn grease, grime and oil from all types of surfaces including wood, glass and plastic. 500ml. £15 per litre. 700037-9P £7.50 G. ASTONISH PRO PASTE £5 IDEAL FOR: ✔ Glass ✔ Enamel ✔ Ceramic ✔ Granite ✔ Stainless Steel ✔ UPVC windows and more Tough on germs, gentle on skin G. ASTONISH PRO PASTE This handy anti-bacterial cleaning paste can be used for cleaning around the home. With its powerful anti-bacterial agent, it is tough on stains and germs and yet gentle to the skin. 500g. £10 per kilo. 080659-9P £5 H. SHINE & SPARKLE ONLY £5 No-mess cap H. ASTONISH PRO STEEL SHINE AND SPARKLE Cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel sinks and appliances. Features a squeezy bottle and no mess cap. 550ml. £9.09 per litre. 079863-9P £5 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 13