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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


OUTSTANDING CLOTHING PROTECTION from £7 A. DRESS COVERS £8 PACK OF 3 Keeps out dust and moths B. SUIT COVERS A. PACK OF 3 DRESS COVERS Waterproof and dust repellent. Size L136 x W60cm (53½ x 23½”). 015245-9P £8 ONLY £7 PACK OF 3 B. PACK OF 3 SUIT COVERS Waterproof and dust repellent suit covers. Size L100 x W60cm (39¼ x 23½”). 015466-9P £7 130 FROM THIS PROTECTION FROM: ✔ Dirt ✔ Damp ✔ Dust ✔ Bugs TO THIS C. VACUUM BAGS FROM £8 PACK OF 2 Also available in Jumbo size C. VACUUM BAGS Ideal for storing bulky items such as bedding, out of season clothes and soft toys. Creates up to 3 times more space. When contents are needed, just open and the contents will quickly return to their original state. Requires the use of a vacuum cleaner. LARGE VACUUM BAGS Pack of 2. Size H80 x W50cm (31½ x 19¾”). 758620-9P £8 JUMBO VACUUM BAGS Pack of 2. Size H105 x W75cm (41¼ x 29½”). 758604-9P £13

D. ACANA LAVENDER FABRIC SPRAY MOTH KILLER Fast-acting moth killer for fabrics and clothing, works in less than 15 minutes. Proven to kill moths, eggs and Iarvae. Non-staining. Not suitable for use on silks. 275ml. £43.64 per litre. 900575-9P £12 MOTH PROOF YOUR HOME from £7 KILL & PROTECT D. ACANA FABRIC SPRAY MOTH KILLER £12 Specially for carpets and fabrics KILL & PROTECT E. ACANA LAVENDER HANGING MOTH KILLER £8 PACK OF 4 For hanging items in wardrobes & cupboards E. ACANA LAVENDER HANGING MOTH KILLER Pack of 4, with each unit lasting up to 6 months. With a handy indicator to tell you when the unit needs replacing. Lavender scented. Size H7.5 x W8 x D0.5cm (3 x 3¼ x ¼”). 013129-9P £8 HOME BEDROOM LIVING F. ACANA LAVENDER SACHET MOTH KILLER KILL & PROTECT CAPTURE & ALERT End of life indicator - each board lasts for up to 8 weeks G. ACANA MOTH MONITORING TRAP £7 Attracts, captures and alerts to the presence of a moth infestation ONLY £7 PACK OF 20 ✔ With indicator to show when to replace ✔ Ideal for stored items in drawers & storage units F. ACANA LAVENDER SACHET MOTH KILLER Long lasting protection from moths, their eggs and larvae. Each sachet lasts for up to 3 months. To be used in drawers. Size L3.5 x W6cm (1¼ x 2¼”). 013331-9P £7 Refills available G. ACANA MOTH MONITORING TRAP Effectively attracts and traps moths, without the use of harsh chemicals. For use all around the home to provide the first alert of infestation. Featuring end of life indicator. Size L17 x 9cm (6¾ x 3½”). 900559-9P £7 H. ACANA MOTH MONITORING TRAP REFILL Pack of 2 refills for the Acana Moth Trap. 900540-9P £7 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 131