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On-site buildings’

On-site buildings’ Case studies: The idea behind studying some of the buildings was to understand the approach towards life quality of workers, and find out whether health – related activities are acknowledged within these buildings. Figure 11.3: Buildings involved in case studies 94

Case Study -1- Schneider Electric The Schneider Electric building is described as “highly successful development” for being energy-efficient and environmental-friendly that uses renewable materials and sustainable design elements. 123 The office is featured as an open-planned space which enhances business workers interaction. The building also has an attached warehouse, loading yard and carpark area. Figure 11.4: Future proof and high stud warehouse Figure 11.5: Foyer wall has sound and echo absorption Figure 11.6: Building envelope study panels 123 Goodman Property Trust, “Case Studies/Schneider Electric,” accessed April 20, 2015, 95

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