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Figure5.11 Entrance to

Figure5.11 Entrance to lobby area Figure 5.12 The in- between space on the upper level Figure 5.13 the in- between space walking past administration Figure 5.14 Playing area next to theatre Figure 5.15 Zen area Figure 5.16 Theatre space 22

5.3 Centre for Wellness – The College of New Rochelle, New York- Ikon. 5 Architects, 2008 -Topography and nature connections Built within the New Rochelle campus to serve students and the nearby community. The centre aim was to provide a ‘holistic’ wellness experience that engages not only the body, but also the mind and the soul. The building merges within the land topography at some parts and cantilevers above it at other parts, providing an earth-like experience that is emphasised by the earthy materials on its interior and exterior. Pool area is embedded within the earth’s surface and connected to sky through skylights that sit above the roof garden. Meditation hall, on the other hand, cantilevers above the land in order to enjoy the green views which are accentuated by full height glazing. Figure5.17 Building-earth relationship from exterior Architype Review Inc, 2015,, (accessed June 01 2015) Basketball court also seems to take the advantage of contours, as it is placed on a low level with high windows to feed the interior with natural daylight. Figure 5.18 Basketball court Figure 5.19 Skylights viewed from roof garden Figure 5.20 Meditation hall with full height glazing Figure 5.21 Swimming hall with skylights above 23

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