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6.5.3 The envisaged

6.5.3 The envisaged growth of businesses According to the current community increase forecast, there will be an extra 156,000 careers in Auckland by 2031, and most of them will be occupying business zones such as East Tamaki, as it is a significant trade area within Auckland and provides 4.5% of the domain’s total enrolment, (In only 2010, the precinct has employed 27,580 people). 100 6.5.4 Conclusions and observations Demographic studies have included the near-by areas (Otara, and Flatbush) as a response to statistics which showed that most of the precinct’s workers are drawn from its east and south sides. The majority of East Tamaki residents are Europeans and Asians, with a high number of independents. Couples with and without children rate is shown very close. Flat Bush area has the majority of its residents from the pacific and Maori ethnicities; couples mostly have children with a relatively high number of single parents. Otara-Papatoetoe area also shows a high percentage of a Pacific Islands race and most couples had children. The current and the envisaged increase of both businesses and population are very significant. Interventions that aim to bring those people together are needed, and perhaps promoting wellness within such interventions is essential. 100 Auckland Council, “East Tamaki Business Precinct Plan (DRAFT),” last modified May 4, 2012, makibusinessprecinctplan/Documents/drafteasttamakibusinessprecinctplanjuneconsultati on.pdf On the other hand, life-work balance for employees is becoming more and more challenging. However, bringing wellness activities close-by may encourage its use by workers. Conclusion made is that for the intervention to be viable, it should respond to workers and communities’ needs; Workers: manufacturing and office employees are the two main dominant groups; manufacturing workers are physically active at work, while office workers are considered less active. As a response, the proposed wellness programmes will involve a variety of ordinary physical and hydrotherapy physical (which offers less pressure on joints and better for people experiencing muscle tensions). Moreover, sociability for workers is regarded beneficial from health perspective and business success, keeping in mind motivation will be a significant factor too. Communities: -Recreational and physical activities are essential in order to bring people together (European, Maori and pacific cultures love and appreciate their family time, especially during the weekends) -Meditation and yoga ,on the other hand, are significant activities practised mostly by the Asian group to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. -Hydrotherapy pools, spas and massages as healing and therapeutic facilities for both; healthy people who want to maintain their health or people with issues relate to: joint mobility, sport injury...etc. 34

6.6 Site Mapping 6.6.1 Existing conditions and future potentials of East Tamaki Site The draft map was developed by the Council officers during 2011-2012 in order to increase the value of the district. 101 Activity hubs, local and regional cycling routes, and pedestrian routes seem to take a large focus in the plan. Locations of the activity hubs, however, are showing on the busy drive ways and intersections where they are mostly visible to workers and commuters who drive past every day. Site selection was made after acknowledging the existing and the future conditions of the area, as well as land availability. Moreover, working with the activity hub (as marked) on Highbrook drive intersection was a key to utilise from the current and the future busy traffic. Legend: 101 Ibid. 35

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