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Workers’ life quality

Workers’ life quality at OfficeMax: Building design aim was to unite employees from the distribution and the head office sides and maximize their social spaces. The result is a very open office with much more shared space, including a shared cafeteria and breakout zones with fewer separate offices. Amenities within the building: Transparent interior with open stair case, and breakout zones located around one open atrium to maximise the 500 employees’ interaction. The building is provided with a special designed café that brings OfficeMax workers together during lunch time and coffee breaks Engagement with the on-site amenities: Staff are less likely to use the on-site cafes, unless after hours, or in the case of engaging with other activities such as, walking and exercising..etc. Figure: 11.15 Staff breakout area (around the atrium) Figure 11.16: Informal visitors’ area and reception. Offices are overlooking the atrium space. E Figure 11.17: The café space features laminate bench seats and tables 98

Other buildings on site The Crossing Hub: The crossing project consists of five buildings, placed around an open air plaza, acting as a focal point that brings business workers and public together during lunch time and coffee breaks on a daily basis. The existing developments are mixed use; retail and cafes occupy the ground levels, while offices are kept above. The 24,700 sqm five buildings project is designed by CDA Architects (Quest Hotel), and Jasmax (the other four buildings). Figure 11.18 The Crossing Hub project 99

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