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Planning and spatial

Planning and spatial organization: The plan is developed to house a help desk, refreshment, recreation, entertainment, small retail, and an educational zone that holds public talks and health seminars. However, having the café at the northern end is to utilise from the Tamaki River views, as well as allowing an indoor- outdoor connection on that side. Floors, on the other hand, are arranged around water streams and linked by walkways; people are invited to use the timber bridges to cross over from activity to another. This is to generate an outdoor atmosphere where building users are engaged with the main earth elements (water, stone, wood, and vegetation). Figure 7.37 sketch looking from the active entertainment Internal full height walls were avoided, and 3000mm transparent partition walls were used instead around retail (for security) and educational (for noise control). Moreover, rock climbing wall @3000mm height was also used at the entertainment area to absorb the basketball court noise. Material consideration of the floors has suggested using grey basalt tiles (dominant stone on site) over concrete flooring, in order to respond to the outdoor theme as well as keep connected with the basalt veneer walls. Figure 7.38 schematic plan of the social zone 60

Walls strategy: Walls follow four different approaches on each side responding to earth relationship, outdoor connections, and views. The dominant concept was to use basalt stone veneer (available on site) over timber framed brick veneer walls, at the lower parts of most walls and open up to views at vision level 1200-1400mm using a strip of glazing that runs horizontally @1000 mm height. Wall type-1- Full height curtain wall system that is pushed towards the outer edge of the building, enclosing both: the social zone and the private ramp, and allowing an easy access to river views. Wall type-2- 3000 mm high, supporting the ramp underneath, with a vision level glazing and a basalt stone finish. Wall type-3- 6000 mm high, mostly basalt stone finish, with a strip of vision level glazing. The intention behind a high stone wall was to engage people (on the private side) with the earthy wall texture when using the private ramp on the opposite side. Wall type-4- 6000 mm high, with basalt stone at the lower level and high glazing above. This is to connect building users on the lower level (recreation space) and the higher level with the topographical movement. Figure 7.39 Social zone walls-earth relationship 61

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