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Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

B. Comments received

B. Comments received General info Electrical power system in Oman, including capacity, type and location of power plants? The following information and documentation were provided by Mr. Hilal: • Report AER 2005 on CD • Annual report 2006, Oman Power and Water Procurement Co. • Annual report 2005, Rural Areas Electricity Co. • Annual report 2005, Muscat Electricity Distribution Co. • Annual report 2005, Mazoon Electricity Co. • Annual report 2005, Majan Electricity Co. • Annual report 2006, Oman Electricity Transmission Co. The main interconnection system (MIS) included all areas of Oman except of Salalah region and RAECO areas. Oman runs actually 7 gas fired power stations. Other power stations are in existence but basically used for industry or PDO. Surplus production is feed in the national grid depending on availability of grid. Transmission is based on 50 Hz, 132 – 220 Volt Some information about the AGCC grid was discussed. There are 3 phases of implementation of an AGCC grid interconnection. Discussions are going on for more than 10 years. Some connections between UAE and Oman are realised but the related contracts are still not finalised. The AGCC interconnection grid is managed by Saudi Arabia GCCIA ( • 1. Phase: interconnection of Saudi / Qatar / Bahrain / Kuwait • 2. Phase: interconnection of Oman / UAE (grid operates on 400 Volt basis) • 3. Phase: integration of phase 1 + 2 Location of transmission lines and their voltage level Mr. Hilal will try to provide a detailed map of the Omani national grid Information on typical electrical distribution systems in main cities and in rural areas • See annual report 2005, Rural Areas Electricity Co. • Rural areas are shown in the annual report of AER. Musandam is also identified as rural area. These areas are supplied by diesel power generation. • Oman counts approximately 250 such power stations with totally 415 MW installed capacity. • Mr. Hilal provided a projection for electrification for rural areas. These projects are under planning. Renewable power could be added or substitute conventional solutions. Maps of Oman (digital, hardcopy) Digital maps could be collected from the Ministry of Tourism as well as the Ministry of Defense Renewable energy resources

Solar energy Copies of relevant studies of similar nature already prepared. Studies for wind energy and solar energy have been handed over during the kick-off meeting on Sept. 5th. Copies of relevant government strategies and plans, if any There are no governmental strategies or plans to integrate renewable energy in Oman. This study will play an important roll for integration of RE in Oman. Mr. Kevin Cleary will give an account of power generation strategy considered in the Omani government. Relevant norms, standards, quality assurance systems. The electricity norms are based on British standard. Recently they have been homologised in GCC and are reflecting basically European standards. Availability of test station for solar systems, PV and thermal and solar thermal. Details on them. Mr. Hilal provided a summary of reference projects of OMAN SOLAR SYSTEMS Co. ( This summary can be downloaded. Energy sector, policy, legislation, prices and demand Energy related legislation and regulations, i.e. energy law, electricity law, renewable energy law, energy efficiency law and similar. • Mr. Hilal provided “The Law for Regulation and Privatisation of the Electricity and Related Water Sector”. • All power stations need environmental approval (EIA) • There is no renewable energy law • Important for the final report of RE in Oman is to advise about the establishment of a Renewable Energy Sources Act. That act makes it compulsory for operators of power grids to give priority to feeding electricity from renewable energies into the grid and to pay fixed prices for this. Energy policy documents regarding electricity sectors, oil and gas sectors, energy and environment, targets for renewable energy share and energy policy tools under consideration, status in relation to Kyoto and climate change (energy taxes, environmental taxation (CO2), subsidies to renewable energy etc). • Oman signed and ratified the Kyoto convention • There is actually no DNA (designated national authority) in Oman to organise for example carbon credits for carbon trading certificates. • AES (Barka I) proposed the implementation of carbon credits what couldn’t be determined

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