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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports Authorityto review concessionaires, and designs for store fronts and store layouts, and otherimprovements that are part of the initiative. As tenant leases expire, infrastructuremodifications may be required to attract new tenants. This may include relocation of utilities,facility enhancements, and incentives to attract prospective tenants. This project will alsoprovide funds to meet contractual obligations to food and beverage management companies.Noise Abatement, $1,429,000. This project will provide a complete review of the Airport’sNoise Compatibility Program in accordance with the FAA Part 150 Program.Security Study & Infrastructure Improvements, $13,850,000. This project provides continuedsecurity enhancements and improvements of the Airport’s facilities and area perimeters suchas landside perimeter security, ground-based radar intrusion detection, explosive proof trashcans, design for ARFF and K gates. Additionally, this funds new card readers and lock setsfor the hangar line and connection to the Fire Alarm System, APC panel upgrades.Capital Equipment and Facility Repair Projects, $3,300,000. These funds will be used topurchase critical capital equipment and complete facility repair projects.Snow Removal Program, $2,463,000. This project provides funding for snow removalrequirements, excluding personnel related costs, during extraordinary snow events.Public Safety Capital Equipment, $408,000. This project funds various replacements ofcapital equipment including police vehicles and medical units in support of Reagan National’sPublic Safety operation.Environmental Compliance Program, $1,925,000. These funds will be used to continue anongoing environmental management program. The statutory requirements, which areregulated by federal and state agencies, stipulate that the Airports Authority permit, update,monitor and assess environmental impacts. The following compliance programs areincluded: water quality, deicing/anti-icing runoff, pollution prevention,underground/aboveground storage tanks, energy initiatives and air quality.Planning & Programming Studies, $1,150,000. This project provides funding for planning andprogramming related to facilities rehabilitation, reuse, or expansion anticipated to be of aCOMIP scale or content.Business Process Re-engineering and ERP Preparation, $4,660,000. This project supportsthe Airports Authority’s efforts in Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) directly related toEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program. BPR will review the analysis and design ofworkflows within and between the organizations. Where necessary, certain workflows andbusiness process will be modified to achieve improvement in quality, time management, andcost. These funds will also be used to help prepare the Airports Authority for implementationof the ERP until a software solution is identified.Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, $300,000. This project upgrades the AirportsAuthority’s network components that are used by the Airports Authority and its tenants toelectronically process credit card transactions. The credit card industry has established new128

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports Authorityregulatory data security standards that must be met to help protect merchants and cardholderdata.Security Study & Infrastructure Improvements (Landside Enhancement), $991,000. Theproject funds the Landside Security Enhancements for eight hydraulic vehicle barrier gates,fence-line cabling, and security cameras.Information Technology Systems Enhancements, $600,000. This project supports the variousinformation systems and technology equipment purchases to maintain and develop a safe,secure, and efficient information technology infrastructure.CrashNet System Replacement, $350,000. The existing analog CrashNet system installed in1996 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer supported. The newsystem will be installed over a private internet protocol (IP) network allowing for better airfieldcommunication during emergency situations.Arts Program, $225,000. This project will provide the establishment of the Arts Master Planand Archival Program for Reagan National.2009 Public Safety Capital Equipment - Reagan National, $127,000. This project fundsvarious replacements of capital equipment including police vehicles and medical units insupport of Reagan National’s Public Safety operations.2010 Reagan National Capital Equipment & Facility Projects, $527,000. This project fundsvarious replacements of capital equipment, including police vehicles and medical units insupport of Reagan National’s Public Safety operations.Airport Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Vehicle, $1,200,000. This equipment will replace the1989 ARFF vehicle, Foam 356.Equal Opportunity Program Business Diversity Program, $96,000. The Equal OpportunityProgram (EOP) contracts for a broad range of on-site business diversity support servicessuch as: DBE/LDBE pre and post award compliance/monitoring; certification and applicationreview; data management; business research; planning; and outreach.Replace Last Remaining Lead Sheath Cables at Reagan National, $200,000. This projectfunds the replacement of the lead sheath cables between Terminal A, Hangar 3, and theShops building.Energy Audit Buy-Out, $300,000. This project buys out the preliminary energy auditsconducted through the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Energy Savings Program if the AirportsAuthority chooses not to go forward with the performance contract.Capital Equipment and Facility Project, $1,479,000. This project funds various replacementsof capital equipment and facility projects in support of Reagan National’s operations.129

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