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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityRail Phase 1 ($45,953,000); Rail Phase 2 ($39,352,000)ROW, Land and Existing ImprovementsThis section includes land, property rights, and relocation costs, if required. Also includescosts associated with services related to these items of work, agency staff oversight andadministration, real estate and relocation consultants, legal counsel, court expenses andinsurance.Rail Phase 1 ($211,630,000); Rail Phase 2 ($228,444,000)VehiclesThis section includes the costs of new Metrorail vehicles that would operate on the DullesCorridor Metrorail Project. The vehicle cost estimates are derived from a planned WMATAprocurement of rail cars.Rail Phase 1 ($698,471,000); Rail Phase 2 ($640,804,000)Professional ServicesThis section includes preliminary engineering, final design, construction management, projectmanagement, owner administration, FTA and other agency coordination, insurance, andproject start-up and testing.Rail Phase 1 ($130,000,000); Rail Phase 2 ($139,202,000)Unallocated ContingencyThis section includes costs for unanticipated events or occurrences that may occur.Rail Phase 1 ($123,208,000)Concurrent Roadway Improvements (Route 7 and Spring Hill Road and emergencycrossover enhancements)Route 7 and Spring Hill RoadThe section includes work activities on Route 7 that are beyond what is essential to thefunctionality of the Project. These activities include boulevard and pedestrian improvements,mid-block crossings, some utility relocations, and street reconfiguration. The Route 7improvements are consistent with Fairfax County's long-range comprehensive plan, in whichRoute 7 is redeveloped into a pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented boulevard. These activitiesare being done concurrently with the Metrorail Project construction to avoid multipledisruptions of traffic and inconvenience to project stakeholders. The value of this ConcurrentNon-Project Activity (CNPA) reflects the cost of utility relocations in Route 7 that are beyondwhat is essential to the project and additional streetscape, pedestrian and lighting features210

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports Authoritybeyond VDOT standard practice. The value is based on cost data submitted by DTP derivedfrom their currently proposed and agreed to price.Emergency Crossover EnhancementsThis section includes the planned moveable barriers and select vehicular crossovers on theAccess Highway designed to help provide access for fire and rescue vehicles to respond toevents in the corridor. This infrastructure solution is being done in lieu of mutual aidagreements that would have assigned emergency response responsibilities to various localjurisdictions. This activity is not essential to the functioning of the Project, but it wouldimprove safety and emergency operations on the Access Highway. It is being doneconcurrently with construction of the rail guideway to maximize the use of funds and toreduce future impacts and multiple disruptions to Access Highway users. The value of thisCNPA is the cost of these improvements and is based on cost data submitted by DTPderived from their currently proposed and agreed to price.Transportation Management Plan, $12,500,000. This section includes costs for thetransportation management plan (TMP) which comprises a set of strategies that beingimplemented during the construction of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project – Extension toWiehle Avenue (the Project) to manage or mitigate the congestion effects of construction.The TMP strategies include: (i) Transportation demand management (TDM) programs topromote carpooling, vanpooling, alternative work hours, telecommuting, and parkingmanagement; (ii) Traffic operational improvements such as intersection widening,signalization improvements, and re-routing traffic through other intersections; (iii) Incidentmanagement strategies including a comprehensive approach to detection/verification ofincidents, coordinated response/removal practices and a program to provide motorists withtimely and relevant information; (iv) Application of intelligent transportation systems (ITS)technologies relating to advanced traffic management (ATMS) and advanced travelerinformation (ATIS); and (v) Transit operational improvements.These strategies will be implemented by VDOT using funding from the Airports Authority andFairfax County. The total TMP budget is $25 million, and the Airports Authority is contributing$12.5 million between 2007 and 2012.WMATA Latent Defects Reserve, $15,000,000. The Airports Authority and WMATA haveentered into an agreement related to the construction of the Metrorail Extension Phase 1.The parties recognize that, (i) under the Design-Build Contract, the Airports Authority hasagreed to limit the Design-Build Contractor's liability to five (5) years after SubstantialCompletion; (ii) the Design-Build Contract contemplates future work, known as "Allowances"for which the entirety of the WMATA standard warranty provisions are intended to be, but forcommercial reasons may not be provided; and (iii) the Design-Build Contract further limits theDesign-Build Contractor’s liability for indemnity obligations under Section 26.2.4(b) of theDesign-Build Contract. WMATA agrees that it is bound by the exclusions and limitations ofthe Design-Build Contract. Therefore, to mitigate WMATA's risks associated with theseprovisions the Airports Authority will establish an escrow fund (Escrow) for the benefit ofWMATA that is to be used exclusively (1) to pay the capital costs of correcting any latentdefects discovered after the expiration of the five-year limitation on the Design-Build211

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