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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityTaxiway G $62,285,000. This project provides for planning, design and construction of thecross field Taxiway G to serve the south side of the Tier 3 site. Portions of this project aredeferred.Tier 3 Apron, $91,065,000. This project will design and construct a portion of the future Tier3 apron and associate drainage and hydrant fueling to be used as aircraft hardstand areauntil needed for the future Tier 3 Concourse. Portions of this project are deferred.Airfield Modifications for Airbus A-380, $6,074,000. This project provides for design andconstruction of two gates, associated loading bridges, and other ground support equipmenton Concourse B that require modification to accommodate upper deck boarding of the A-380aircraft.Future Runway 1C-19C and Future Taxiways W and W1, $143,330,000. This projectprovides for the planning and design of the reconstruction of future Runway 1C/19C(currently 1L/19R) and the construction of new Taxiways W and W1. The project includes thereconstruction of the runway at 11,500 feet long by 150 feet wide with 10 feet wide shoulders.It also includes the construction of Taxiways W and W1, which are 3,400 feet long by 75 feetwide with 35 feet wide shoulders. The taxiways will connect Runway 1L/19R to futureRunway 1C/19C. Portions of this project are deferred.Noise Monitoring System, $1,049,000. The project replaces and/or upgrades the currentnoise monitoring equipment at Reagan National and Dulles International to provide a longtermcommitment for monitoring aircraft noise from Reagan National and Dulles Internationalflight operations.Rehabilitate Taxiway B Airfield Shoulders, $2,000,000. The deteriorated existing asphalt dustcover along the north shoulder of Taxilane Bravo and Taxilanes A2, A3, A4, and A5 will bereplaced. The existing 25 foot-wide dust cover will be replaced with a 35 foot-wide asphaltstructural shoulder.Fourth Runway Maintenance Equipment, $12,474,000. This project provides for thepurchase of heavy snow removal and grounds maintenance equipment associated with theincreased maintenance requirements related to the new fourth runway.Runway 1R-19L Light Base and Conduit Replacement, $4,200,000. This project will replacedeteriorating light bases and collapsed conduits on Runway 1R-19L. The project replaces10,000 feet of conduit, 80,000 feet of cable and 420 light bases.Airfield Tree Clearing and Site Preparation, $1,521,000. The project includes tree clearingand environmental water quality monitoring within the 5th runway site. This project will befunded annually based upon coordination with FAA on activities necessary to ensurecontinued viability of the FEIS-Record of Decision.Airfield Pavement Panel Replacement, $1,890,000. This project funds the construction of theRunway 30 Blast Pad. In addition, this project will fund the Pavement Management System178

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports Authority(PMS) required by the FAA for midfield taxiways and taxi-lanes, and the three north-southrunways.Parking FacilitiesMain Lot Exit Plaza Expansion, $2,478,000. This project provides approximately fouradditional exit plaza booths and revenue control equipment in the Main Lot Exit Plaza. Thisproject will also introduce a regional electronic fare payment system and administrative spacefor a pay-on-foot (pre-pay) customer service. Portions of this project are deferred.Employee Parking: South Lot Phase I, $13,359,000. This project replaces an existingemployee parking lot to be displaced by the construction of aircraft parking ramp for Tier 2.The parking lot is expandable for continued growth in Airport employees. Construction onthis project is deferred.Employee Parking: North Lot Phase II, $4,023,000. This project will expand the NorthEmployee Parking Lot by approximately 1,000 parking spaces. This project is completed.Cargo 7 Public/Employee Parking, $2,251,000. This project will extend Air Freight Lanenorth beyond the proposed Cargo 7 and provide automobile parking for Cargo 7. This projectis deferred.Temporary Parking, $622,000. This project will redevelop existing parking/storage areas forpublic parking.Blue Lot Relocation, $2,704,000. This project will conduct a site investigation and preliminarydesign for the relocation of the Blue Economy Parking Lot and support facilities toaccommodate a future Consolidated Rental Car (CONRAC) facility. This project willinvestigate the best alternatives and sites for the new lot to replace some of the lost parkingthat will occur when the CONRAC facilities are constructed. Portions of this project aredeferred.Public Parking Revenue Control System (PRCS) Replacement, $1,000,000. This project willfund a technology and service alternatives assessment, and the development of aperformance specification for system purchase. The PRCS will replace the existing parkingrevenue control system, will consider customer service enhancements, and will includeenhanced security encryption required by outside financial and credit industry standards.Utility SystemsUtility Systems Planning & Programming, $769,000. These funds will be used to conductstudies as required to support capital utility projects including, a stormwater managementplan, and a south area utility building program criteria document.Storm Water Management Facilities, $10,609,000. As additional impervious surface (paving)is added to the Airport, stormwater flowing from these areas must be detained and released179

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