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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports Authoritybe demolished and the interior of Hangar 11 will be converted back to an aircraftmaintenance hangar.Terminal A Building Rehabilitation, $74,132,000. The existing historic Terminal A will berestored and rehabilitated to improve air carrier and commuter aircraft accommodations.Work will include demolition of additions to the original terminal, installation of new loadingbridges, reconfiguration and/or relocation of ticketing and baggage claim areas, rehabilitationof the heating/cooling systems for compatibility with the Airport’s new boiler/chiller system,and other related improvements.Restroom Modifications and Upgrades, $6,124,000. This project includes the modificationand upgrade of restrooms in the Airport terminal.River Rescue Support Facility, $2,814,000. The project consists of designing andconstructing a new River Rescue Facility to protect the emergency boats and to providespace for equipment storage. The new facility will be used by the River Rescue Team whoprovides emergency response to situations on the Potomac River adjacent to the airport.Public Safety, Airport Engineering, and Maintenance Relocation Study, $150,000. Thisproject is an update of a previous study to determine relocation of MA-30, MA-120, and MA-300 functions into the South Hanger Line and South Area.Corporate Office Building Rehabilitation, $3,600,000. This project will includerenovation/expansion at the south end of the existing Corporate Office Building (COB) at 1Aviation Circle, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. This project is funded with $3.6million from the CCP Program and $3.6 million from the COMIP Program for a total of $7.2million.Terminal A Building Rehabilitation, $35,271,000. This project includes planning, design andconstruction authorization to address rehabilitation and capacity improvements needed at the“Banjo” concourse, the concourse and lobby connection including an expansion of thesecurity checkpoint to accommodate TSA’s AIT devices, curb and curbside check-in, ticketlobbies, outbound and inbound baggage makeup systems, other public and non-public areasthat are related/enabling projects, and optical fiber cable. The project also includes planningand preliminary engineering efforts for the long-term rehabilitation and partial reconstructionof Terminal A.Terminal B/C Capacity Improvements – Phase I - $8,090,000. This project includes planning,design and construction authorization to address hold room, security screening, public andnon-public capacity improvements in Terminal B/C and other buildings that arerelated/enabling projects.Airfield FacilitiesRunway 1/19 Safety Area Improvements and Hold Apron Modification, $41,100,000. Designand construct improvements necessary to mitigate FAA-identified, RSA deficiencies forRunway 1/19. Currently, the dimensions of the RSA at Reagan National do not meet the FAA166

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports Authoritydesign criteria and the Airport is operating under a waiver. The RSA is an area surroundingthe runway that is prepared for or suitable for reducing the risk of injury to passengers ordamage to aircraft should an aircraft happen to depart from the runway in the event of anundershoot, overshoot, or excursion from the runway boundary for any other reason. TheRSA includes all pavements, shoulders, turf, blast pads, and stopways as applicable. Theproject also includes enhancements to the Runway 1 hold apron and infrastructure.Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) – Crosswind Runways Safety Area (RSAs),$3,809,000. This project will prepare an EIS for the RSAs of Runways 4/22 and 15/33 byconducting a study in accordance with the National Environmental Protection Act and FAAguidelines.Runway Overlays and Taxiway Rehabilitation, $41,921,000. Various sections of the runwayand taxiways require asphalt resurfacing. This project consists of installing four inches ofasphalt mill and overlay and associated pavement markings on the 6,869 foot runway 1-19,the 4,911 foot runway 4-22, and the 5,204 foot runway 15-33. Preliminary design results onthe initial phase of the project indicate that additional rehabilitation will be required on therunway and taxiway. The 37 percent increase in estimated costs is due to a rise in the priceof asphalt.Noise Monitoring System, $1,049,000. The project replaces and/or upgrades the currentnoise monitoring equipment at Reagan National and Dulles International to provide a longtermcommitment for monitoring aircraft noise from Reagan National and Dulles Internationalflight operations.New Apron at Demolished ARFF Site, $6,124,000. This project replaces the site andfoundation of existing ARFF Station 301 with pavement capable of supporting parkingaircraft.Terminal A Apron Rehabilitation (Design), $1,209,000. The rehabilitation of Terminal A willresult in the relocation of airline gates, which will require reconstruction of the apron area.The apron will be sized to accommodate both air carrier and commuter parking positions.Runway 4-22 and 15-33 RSA Improvements Funding for Design, $7,210,000. This projectfunds the mitigation portion for the expected loss of river habitat owing to the required 3.6acres of fill for the Runway 15-33 improvements.Parking FacilitiesAdditional Deck on Parking Garages A and B/C, $53,613,000. This project will design andconstruct an additional parking deck on garages A and B/C. It was determined through theReagan National Landside Study that additional decks could be added to the existingstructures in order to gain more parking spaces for a variety of needs, such as hourly anddaily parking.167

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