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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

3-8 Chapter 3:

3-8 Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE Monitor Menu State of Health The Monitor Menu section is not included in the RSM LE EUI functionality without a license. The State of Health screen is the first screen that displays after you log on. RSM has the ability to determine the state of health of managed components. State of health determination is derived using events logged by managed components. These events are then driven through a finite state machine to determine the current state of health. NCR terminals and peripherals have been instrumented to log the events needed to drive this state machine and permit RSM to determine their current state of health. State of Health is a key component of RSM and therefore is easily visible from the RSM user interface. At RSM LE, State of Health monitors the peripherals attached to the system, and reports problems that are encountered from the platform devices. The State of Health screen displays information about the current status of a system such as the following alerts: State Of Health Alerts—refers to the alerts that are defined by the information provided by the Retail Controls, Platform devices, or RSM software. State Of Health does not require that the Alert configuration parameters be defined. The State of Health alerts include the following alerts: Healthy Alerts Attention Soon Alerts Attention Now Alerts

Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE 3-9 Event Alerts—refers to the alerts that are set up for events that are specific to an application or device. Event alerts are set up at the System level and include the following alerts: Informational Events Alerts Warning Events Alerts Error Events Alerts Tally Alerts—refers to the alerts that contain information on the counts of the number of times a certain operation is performed for a certain device. Tally alerts are set up at the System level and include the following alert: Tally Threshold Alerts Connectivity The Connectivity screen displays the current connection status to RSM EE. Event Logs The Event Logs section displays significant events that occurred in the system that the RSM application needs to notify the users about. RSM provides you the functionality to view all the events of all the event log types available in the system.

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