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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

3-36 Chapter 3:

3-36 Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE The Tally Threshold traps may be filtered. Selecting AdministrationAlertingSNMP AgentSuppress Tally Alerts displays the Suppress Tally Alerts window. In this window, you can configure whether Tally Threshold traps should be sent or suppressed. Selecting the alert means that it will be suppressed. Trap Queue Configuration State of Health and Critical Event traps share one queue. Tally traps are in a separate queue. The configuration values below apply to both queues. Maximum Alerts in Queue Selecting AdministrationAlertingSNMP AgentMaximum Alerts in Queue displays the Maximum Alerts in Queue window. Maximum Alerts in Queue defines the length of the internal queue for TRAP events. If the queue becomes full, TRAP events will be dropped (based on this value). Possible values are 10 through 1000. Default value is 256. When Full Queue Selecting AdministrationAlertingSNMP AgentWhen Queue Full displays the When Full Queue window. This option determines the strategy for managing the internal TRAP queue when the queue becomes full and a new TRAP event is created. The possible values are: Discard Old Alerts—overwrites older TRAP events. This is the default value. Discard New Alerts—ignores new TRAP events.

Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE 3-37 Heartbeat Configuration This section describes the heartbeat configuration. Heartbeat Interval The interval (in seconds) between which the RSM SNMP Agent will send a periodic heartbeat trap. A zero (0) value indicates that no heartbeat trap should be sent. Possible values are 0 through 86400 seconds (24 hours). Selecting AdministrationAlertingSNMP AgentHeartbeat Interval displays the Heartbeat Interval window. Traps per Heartbeat Traps per heartbeat is the total number of traps to be sent for a single heartbeat. Possible values are 0 through 16. Selecting AdministrationAlertingSNMP AgentTraps per Heartbeat displays the Traps per Heartbeat window. Delay between Traps Delay between traps is the time (in centi–seconds) between traps in a single heartbeat. Possible values are 0 through 3000. Selecting AdministrationAlertingSNMP AgentDelay Between Traps displays the Delay between Traps window.

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