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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

3-20 Chapter 3:

3-20 Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE 5. Double–click To. The system displays the To window. 6. Select whether you want to filter up to the Last Event or up to the Events On a specific date and time. 7. Select OK. If you selected Events On, the Filter Events window additionally displays the Date and Time options. 8. Select the Date and the Time of up to when the events will be filtered. 9. Select OK. The RSM Event Viewer then displays the events according to the filter criteria you selected.

Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE 3-21 Updating Event Logs While you are viewing the events in the RSM Event Viewer, the RSM application does not update the information that displays in the RSM Event Viewer unless you refresh it. Select Refresh in the RSM Event Viewer to update the information with new events. Sorting Event Logs You can sort the events displayed in the RSM Event Viewer by clicking a specific column header. For example, clicking the Type header sorts the events by type alphabetically.

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