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1955 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS editor — Judy Pratt photography editor — Phoebe Slingman literary editor — Ann Miller art editor — Belle Green business — Carol Hecker Roberta Bryan staff — Claire Marino Cindy Langlykke Jerree Lunna Marcie Stanley Alice Platt 1976 YEARBOOK STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW: S. Williams, L. Ziper, B. McCormack, E. Kossowicz, C. Cotman, A. Sadaty, D. Zitner, J. Eisenberg, K. Perkins, M. Carter. SECOND ROW: D. Bouterse, S. Sweetwood, J. Lubach, M. Lim, D. Lewis, M. Shimamura. Early years saw active yearbook staffs as well, including the 1955 Wardlaw Maroon and Gold with Centennial activist Peter Stevenson as editor-in-chief, and the 1976 Hartridge Tempora et M ores with its small, but able group. After the merger, the Green of Hartridge was retained, the Gold of Wardlaw kept, and rather than calling the book Green and Gold the title Tempora et M ores was wisely maintained. 147

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