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Class Vice President

Class Vice President (9), Freshman Soccer (9), Freshman Basketball (9). J.V Soccer (10,11), J.V Basketball (9,10), Ping Pong Club (10), Varsity Soccer (12), Varsity Basketball (10,11,12-Captain), Varsity Golf (9,10,11,12-Captain), Senior Class Candy Purchaser (12). "I can't wait until tomorrow looking every day." -Joe Willie Namath Baby, we were born to run. -The Boss 'cause I get better- Hi 54

Freshman Soccer (9), J.V . Soccer (10,11), Varsity Soccer (I2)> Varsity Bowling (9)j J.V . Tennis (9,10), Varsity Tennis (11,12), Key Club (11,12), Health Careers Club (10.11,12), Production Staff (12), Beacon Staff (10,11,12) Audio-Visual Club (12), Photography Club (10,11,12), Varsity Club (12), Tempora et Mores (10,11,12-Co-Photography Editor) "How to live. How to get the most life. This is my everyday business.” -Henry David Thoreau "We have but faith: we cannot know, For Knowledge is o f things we see-, And yet we trust it comes from Thee, A beam in darkness: let it grow. " -Alfred, Lord Tennyson "May this (I cried) my course through Life portrayI New scenes o f Wisdom may each step display. And Knowledge open as my days advance/ M y eye shall dart thro’ infinite expanse, And thought suspended lie in Rapture's blissful trance." -Samuel Taylor Coleridge Sometimes, the best route to success is a road you don't know. -Anonymous

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