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wh school 1983


CROSS-COUNTRY Coach Ralph Muoio stares into the sunset dreaming of his runners crossing the finish line. The team had promise entering this year. Three outstanding seniors were to return from last year. However, record-breaking Andy Adams was struck down by mononucleosis and, thus, was forced to turn to the scholarly life. Jeff Stern and Eric Eckert became the "Runners without a Team.” When the two lost their competitive season, they lost their competitive edge. First went the limbs; next went the lungs; finally, the shorts and running shoes themselves became decrepit. Thus, these colleg-bound seniors lost their concentration, their desire, and the Goblin Gallop. Coach Muoio can dream only of former glory as he gazes over his clipboard. While everything recedes into the past, he ponders a disheartening future — ? , •; 4m, ' 188 IB H v

FALL CHEERLEADERS, LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Amy Yoder, Becky O r­ lowski. MIDDLE ROW: Michelle Jerrold, Meg Samek, Pam Melchionna, Alison Moore. TOP ROW: Shari Salomone, Debbie Kazala. FALL CHEERLEADERS, LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW, Debbie Kazala. SECOND ROW: Jamie Bross, Meg Samek. THIRD ROW: Shari Salomone, Patty Wysock, Michelle Jerrold, Becky Orlowski, Pam Melcionna. TOP ROW: Amy Yoder CHEERLEADERS This year’s cheerleading squad was coached primarily by its Co-Captains, Meg Samek and Becky Orlowski. Their job was to wake spirit in the spectators, but more importantly, their chief responsibility was to cheer the teams on. "The squad has improved a hundred per cent from last year,” exclaimed Co-Captain Meg Samek. To a cheerleader, the most critical quality is spirit, and with this year’s team we could hear it. Even the spectators have noticed the great improvement of this year’s relatively young cheerleading squad. "It was great to have the cheerleaders at the games to cheer for us, especially when we didn’t have much of a crowd,” noted one varsity basketball player. The students of W-H, a notoriously demanding audience, no longer think of the cheerleaders as a "joke” organization, but as the real bearers of the spirit of Wardlaw-Hartridge. WINTER CHEERLEADERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Kazala, Becky Orlowski, Pam Melchionna, Meg Samek, Jennifer Koplowitz, Lee Rinaldo. Michelle Millelot. © .. 0 - • % «:• When the chips are down, And morale is low, When the team can’t seem To make it go, Who brings jumps, and cheers and yells? W-H’s pom-pommed belles I Long time has passed, Since first they cheered, But proud lovers of Hartridge Sports Have come to join Wardlaw’s cohorts, And now each fall and winter rings. With the cheers and smiles that spirit brings 189

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