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A GATHERING OF ANGELS In the life of the student, few events are as welcome as the Assembly. The Assembly, as blessed as a snow day, comes with about as much warning. Suddenly, the unsuspecting eighth grader finds a short first period and a wonderful opportunity to fool around with his friends, or to gossip with her companions, under the watchful but distracted eyes of Dr. Rudnyanszky and Mr. Vietor. Mr. Ayres or Mr. Peterson will warm up the crowd in their usual respectful monotone, and within seconds everyone will know if it is an eye opener or a snoozer. This year Dr. Keating, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, marched us along the Great Wall of China and introduced the world’s largest nation to a small private school, somewhere in Central N.J. Ron Gaetano, who had been so successful and well received last year when speaking on drug related topics, spoke this year on family relations and the necessity of communicating love between parents and adolescents. Another group that had an uphill fight was the Colgate 13, a singing group in the old Fraternity glee club tradition. Although male singing groups in suits and ties are not the musical staple for modern youth, this one do-wopped, bebopped, and Special Limited-Offered their way into our hearts. This was quite an accomplishment considering they had to first wake up their audience before drawing an enthusiastic response. In addition to love, drugs, music, and exotic places, the march of science and progress was represented. Mike De Camp penetrated the polar ice, and his slides vivified the life of the furry seal in Anarctica. Much to their suprise, even the seniors found themselves watching with some interest. The scientific slant continued as the program then proceeded from one of the most hostile environments on earth to the mystery of cosmic origin. The comments of Prof. Ganges on the origin of life proved provocative and unexpected, and reactions to this speech carried over more thoroughly into the classroom than did those of any other assembly. "We’d like to thank Mr. XX once again; all periods will be shortened of course, you have two minutes to get to your next class.” « 212


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