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wh school 1983

The first scene opens

The first scene opens with Rick Westfield and Gidget Thorne who appear to be deeply in love with each other. Our second set of lovers are Hunt Manders, a husky, backto-nature type of man, and Alicia Wentworth, who is the pampered sister of the multi-millionaire, "Glasses” Wentworth. 214 Yet, Glasses is not as careful in his personal life as he is with his business, for he has blindly fallen in love with Gidget. Gidget sees Glasses as the one way to obtain enough money to help her true love, Rick. Her plan is to marry Glasses and arrange his sudden, accidental death after he has changed his will in her favor. The next scene takes us to see Rick and his partner Brick Travers, who have been controlling the smuggling ring in Edison, N.J., and are now introducing a new drug which is similar to green M & M’s in taste and appearance, but whose effect is ten times greater. Brick has had enough of working under Rick’s thumb and wants to take over the whole business now, so he had been embezzling the funds and at this time wishes to be rid of Rick altogether. In the meantime, Brick has been having problems in his personal life and is caught between two women. Although he would like to go to Switzerland with the mystical gypsy Alamanda, he has found that Gina Krimson, his old flame, does not want to give him up. Gina is threatening to blackmail him with microfilm of the smuggling ring.

The mysterious and bewitching Aiamanda The following scene shows us Gidget who has attempted to ppison Glasses’ Brute cologne with a drug she got from Aiamanda, but the plan falls through as he switches to Jovan’s Musk for Men. Meanwhile, Glasses disapproves of Alicia’s love affair with Hunt who he knows is out only for the Wentworth fortune. He discusses the plan with his new bride, who replies, "I’ll take care of it.” She hires Slick and Reggie and finds a time and place. The thugs accomplish the mission, but also accidentally kill Alicia as she steps in front of Hunt 10 ve him. Gidget, who oversaw the operation then revi v her plans and hires Slick, Rocky, Nimblefingers Ned, and Rick’s friend Brick to knock off Glasses. Now that Gidget is sure she will get the money, the murderers find and kill Glasses. As Gidget plans to save Brick by giving the microfilm to Lt. Krause, a third-rate cop who is seeking a case that will guarantee a promotion that is 15 years overdue. «mnm mm traying microfilm evidence. For the final scene, Tempora Et Mores has decided to leave you with various thoughtful questions. As Gina makes her decision to tell Lt. Krause about Brick, she has second thoughts and seeks to talk to Brick. When she meets him, it is obvious that Aiamanda has been around too long and has won Brick over. Gina is torn among her pride, Lt. Krause’s nagging for a case, and true feelings. Which will win o u t ? .................. (over). 215

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