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wh school 1983

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^oul/Zi Zjtade FRONT ROW: A. Carpenter, S. Martin, E. Guinta, B. Ridgway. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Welker, A. Roisen, J. Golush, J. Thomas, G. Bengzon. BACK ROW: E. Stiso, S. Riddick, A. Me Dowell, P. Di Nardo, T. Kaplan. FRONT ROW: C. Uhler, N. Paoli, E. Raleigh, D. Willis, B. Allen. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Ritz, K. Kaphan, M. Robertson, C. Rittweger, V. King, R. Stearn. BACK ROW: S. Bart, K. Salomone, C. Nelson, E. Reisner, D. Di Muzio. Jrqpm arjplk Jrqpflk WQm JtijplK Wtym W%0m. WQgm XqpK * |p E pW m^ m

'Jh iu ! f/Uu/e FRONT ROW: R. Maynard, A. Mack, C. Henry, T. Bodor, J. Co. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Bauer, J. Curcio, J. Dugenio, N. Zagdrski, J. Clark, D. Capitly. BACK ROW: A. Campbell, A. Jones, T. Goodwin, C. Peterson, E. Fowler. FRONT ROW: J. Demola, J. Kidd, J. Blackman, J. Williams, R. Tsang. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Mills, W. Me Cormack, P. Christ, D. Me Nee, T. Clifford, J. Sollaccio. BACK ROW: M. Czerepuszko, E. Lewis, G. Sehgal, C. Paul.

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