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Eighth Grade Chorus %

Eighth Grade Chorus % Class Officers The singing members of the W-H eighth grade form a separate group in themselves. This Eighth Grade Chorus provides yet another transitional step between the Lower School with its chorus system and the high-powered Upper School program of Chorale and Varsity Singers. Although it is small, this group produces a surprisingly varied and professional sound, thanks to the sympathetic instruction of Mr. Frederick Fischer. As manifested in the winter and spring concerts, the students have learned to sing not only strong melodies but also muted complementary harmonic tones that create a deceptively smooth effect. Their skills, learned this year, will undoubtedly stand these young people in good stead when they pursue careers in chorale and musicals later during their high school years. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: E. Samek, M. McMullen, J. Brotman, L. Mackson, M. Serio, T. Dawid, Mr. Fischer. SECOND ROW: J. Karnell, J. Lazar, K. Salomone, R. Silver, M. Allen, P. Sinha, D. Lindsay. THIRD ROW: S. Sayre, K. Nelson, M. Choi, L. Williams, J. Shafi, A. Gelber, R. Voorhees, D. Raimondo, J. Baumle. BACK ROW: A. Charlton. J. Letter, C. Fischer, J. Taliafero, P. Kelly, D. Dworkin, C. Ball, S. Turner. CLASS OFFICERS, STANDING: Vice President, J. Sheedy. SITTING: J. Lazar, A. Charlton, K. Salomone. MISSING: President, D. Puglisi, P. Kelly 156

Junior Cross Country LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: J. Brotman, E. Samek, J. Lazar, T. Newstadt. BACK ROW: Coach Caiazzo, R. Voorhees, K. Salomone, A. Charlton, P. Sinha. 157

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