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OF FALL FAIRS AND HOLIDAYS The active Centennial Committee turned this year’s fall fair into an event to be remembered, as the Homecoming weekend, a beautiful, clear, cool Autumn day, provided food, fun, and winning teams. Christmas at the Lower School exercised its usual charm this year, and in the time between Christmas and the Fair, weekends found W-H graduates returning to do battle in Soccer and Field Hockey. Those old folks are toughl .—- --- — - ------ 210

Alumnae S Alumni Games v fc On a blustery windy day in the middle of Thanksgiving vacation, several W-H alumnae returned to Inman Avenue to challenge the few 1982 field hockey players who did not travel away for the break. Since the three faithfully attending alumnae - Susan Stout '79, Tami Solondz '82, and Caroline Pittis '82 - were outnumbered by homebody hockey players, anyone was welcome to play against the high schoolers. Not only did alumnus Rob Stout take up his stick for sister Sue, but so did soccer coach Mr. Freeman. Several seniors who were persuaded to turn traitor to their season-long teammates rounded out the'alumnae” contingent. Order was maintained by Referee Mrs. Wilson, if order was the word for the melee of joking and stick-swinging that did add a convivial warmth to the chilly day. Afterwards, doughnuts and hot chocolate were served while everyone caught up with each others’ lives and reminisced about good times shared in the past. Altogether, the event fulfilled its purpose as a cheerful annual get-together. The Alumni soccer team fared far better against the soccer team. Although the current squad was bolstered by Carlos Castro and various coaches they went down in spirited but crushing defeat. Nonetheless good spirits were shared by all.

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