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wh school 1983


A CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON Two weeks before school, scorching hot, Cars start to fill up the parking lot. Little by little, one by one, On the soccer field we start to run and run and run . and run. Ten o’clock came, then it was twelve, The sun was making our heads swell. Sweating and swooning, hating the coach, Somebody yells "Let’s go to lunch,” Thinking it was over, hoping to go home. Miss Kern says, "Hurry back, girls, see you at one, This hocky practice has just begun!” Wanting to kill her, maybe throw her in the woods, We headed out for Burger King to eat some goods* Returning, just a little late, wondering what was in store: Miss Kern enthusiastic, "Let’s run some more.” Well, at 4:30 all other teams having long since gone home, The field hockey team walked, no, crept, maybe I should say crawled up to the locker room. It’s the day before school and who should show up But our long-lost captain, er, what’s her name -Kenny. Haven’t seen her all summer, what nervel! Anyway at last the gang’s all here, All ready for a terrific year. It’s the Oak Knoll game And who should get hurt? Cas the Spas cuts her eye, Miss Kern says, "Later, you guys, Maria and Jill, coach the J.V.'s Julie and I are off to hospital to pick up M.D.’s. I must commend Maria and Jill, Their expertise just fills the bill: Organized and in control, The J.V. wins. We load the bus and say, (I quote) "Put the pedal to metal* Vince, we’re kind of late, Besides, Jill Kenny’s got a hot date.” It’s the counties’ semi-final at Donaldson Park: Most of the team arrives at eleven For the one o’clock game Except for a dear and reliable two. I won’t mention their names, but, Lisa and Kim, The scare that you gave us was pretty grim. Let’s go to the finals against haughty Hun, W-H is on the run. Cas the Spas Strides again: Running down the field she slips and falls, Her skirt flies up as she hits the ball. This wouldn’t have been too embarrassing If fifty fans hadn’t stood there laughing. Anyway, we’re down a goal When Maria Wilson finds the hole. It’s overtime and no one’s won, We want flicks, the refs say none So we share the championship with Hun. Karen F. Robinson 182

J.V. Schedule RAMS OPPONENTS I Staten Island 0 2 Morristown-Beard 2 3 Hun 0 I Oak Knoll 0 2 Mount St. Mary 0 I Pingry I 3 Neumann Prep 0 I Monroe I 3 St. John 2 Princeton Day School J.V. Field Hockey LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: J. LeGrand, V. Elenry, C. Durham, M. Pittis, C. Sohar. BACK ROW: Coach D. Kern, K. Conti, J. Yarusi, M. Ware, M. Singleterry, C. Kunst, B. Flynn. 183

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