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KBH9I Varsity Soccer The

KBH9I Varsity Soccer The varsity soccer team had a slow start this year but improvement came with each game. By the end of the season the team was playing good, controlled soccer. The teams 6-8-1 record obscures its good points. Because the squad was completely new, it took hard work and a lot of getting used to each other before they could play well. High points of the season were the homecoming game in which the Rams shocked themselves and their opponents by beating Morristown Beard, a team seeded far ahead of the Rams, and the final game in which the Rams upset Montclair Kimberly, also seeded higher. This year’s team was led by Alex Helander and Dave Lombardi, the leading goal scorer and the outstanding defensive player, respectively. Coach Freeman summarizes the season, "It was a totally new squad from last year. We did a lot of developing in a lot of areas. We developed some of goals-better defense and toward the end of the season, better offenses. We improved with work and began to control the ball which was evident in the games against Metuchen High School and Montclair-Kimberly. This success came directly from the efforts of the team members.” V A K 3 I I I l l i I I V-' IVIVJI 1 1 , 1 i w i -i I I ' v n . Russ, J. Friedlander, D. Lombardi, A. Helander, P. Prasser, G. Boff, T. Yoder, J. Hayes, G. Hagstoz. BACK ROW: D. Bouterse, B. McCormack, J. Callan, D. Park, F. Popolo, S. McMullen, D. Mclsaac, S. Botlagudur, R. Brandi, B. Flynn, D. Schedule RAMS OPPONENTS 0 Peddie 8 0 Dwight-Englewood I 4 Neumann Prep 2 0 Hoffman H.S. 2 5 Middlesex H.S. I I Saddle River I I Neumann Prep 2 3 Ranney 2 I Woodbridge H.S. 5 2 Morristown-Beard I 0 Pennington 6 0 Princeton Day 5 0 Newark Academy I 3 Metuchen H.S. 2 I Montclair Kimberly 0 Record 6-8-I 184

A newcomer to this year’s Varsity Soccer Team was senior Jeff Friedlander. He played left full back very aggressively. He improved his soccer skills this year and was an asset to the team defense. His teammates describe him as "A very dedicated player who really tries.” Coach Freeman was extremely impressed by Jeff’s playing as well as by his attitude towards the team. Jeff Friedlander DAVID LOMBARDI One of the three seniors profiled for Varsity Soccer in this year’s yearbook is David Lombardi. A co-captain of the team as well as a regular starting varsity player, he has played sweeper on the team for the past 3 years and has been named to the Independent School All State Team for 2 .years running. "David is a great asset to the team,” stated coach Freeman. "He is totally dedicated to the team and one of the easiest players I’ve had to coach.” This year David was awarded the MVP award. Alex Helander led the varsity soccer team as co-captain this season, capping four years’ playing for the Rams, two years on junior varsity and two on varsity. He was the leading goal scorer this year. "Alex did very well this year as cocaptain. He always put in a lot of effort and determination which had an extremely positive effect on the rest of the team. He was instrumental in several goals which helped to win several games,” ' says Coach Freeman of Alex. Always supportive of the rest of the team, keeping spirits high when things looked low, Alex received the Coaches’ award this season. Alex Helander 185

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