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wh school 1983


GOBLIN GALLOP For many years the students have been competing with the faculty in such sports as soccer, field hockey, and volleyball, but this year a new event was added - the goblin gallop. Unlike team sports where skill is more important than conditioning, success in this endeavor was determined solely by who was in the best shape. Thus, such classic individual challenges as Keur vs. Holtzman were fairly resolved, mostly in favor of the one possessing the longer legs, e.g. Keur. Degrees of participatory enthusiasm varied: the only female athletes who competed represented the student contingent) Mr. Brown slogged on gamely past budding condominiums, symbols of civilized advancement and affluence; Mr. Ayres revealed his admirable racewalking style some (Docl) actually finished-, some (Senor) did not even try to begin. But, the surprise winner was a wiry sophomore named Hagstoz, whose unexpectedly powerful closing sprint overtook would-be crosscountry students and has-been harrier faculty alike. Can the faculty regain their dominance over youth? Tune in next year

SENIOR/FACULTY SOCCER GAME. With all of the pageantry of the Rose Bowl and most of the competitiveness of a dogfight, the seniors and faculty met on the soccerfield for 80 minutes of fierce battle. Having acquired international stars Carlos Castro, Werner Brandi and Esteban Lomnitz, the faculty took the field with confidence. However, they had to deal with a senior squad filled with spirit, energy and, most importantly, young blood. And, in the game, it was the seniors who drew first blood, as Brian Flynn hammered home the game’s first goal. However, the faculty came back with a goal by Carlos Castro. With the game deadlocked at l-l, the second half was scoreless due to faultless play by both goalkeepers. Finally, the game was called on account of darkness, leaving nothing settled. However, every participant left the field feeling like a winner, the reward of an afternoon of competition and hard work in "The Big Game.”

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