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Varsity Volleyball For years the sport of girl’s volleyball at W-H has been ridiculed, although - unbeknowest to many - that team won the state championship not so long ago. Fiowever, when the members who comprised that award-winning team graduated, the program had to be rebuilt from the roots. Despite its present reputation as a joke team, the serious dedication of its members becomes obvious with the fact that the starting roster has remained virtually unchanged for the last three years. Two years ago the arrival of Mr. Freeman, who was accustomed to coaching champion-caliber soccer teams, brought the final competitive spirit to the girls. His eagerness to improve the team produced in the girls a professional willingness to work late Monday through Friday and during vacations in order to overcome the handicap of regular practice periods shortened by the necessity of driving to and from the Lower School , Next year, many young and exciting players will arise from the JV ranks to replace five graduating seniors. Although the volleyball program needs to develop a greater and a more coherent team, this season proved that the girls possess the potential to bring the state championship back to W-H soon. Schedule VOLLEYBALL VARSITY RAMS OPPONENT Montclair-Kimberley 0 2 Collegiate School 1 2 Morristown-Beard 2 1 Newark Academy 0 2 Kent Place 0 2 Montclair Kimberley 0 2 Saddle River 1 2 Rutgers Prep 2 0 Saddle River 2 0 Princeton Day 0 2 Record 3-7 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: L. Helllnger, K. Lomnitz, E. Conti, S. Williams, M. Shimamura, M. BuckwortEi. BACK ROW: D. Buterse, S. Barth, S. Duncan, B. McCormack, Coach H. Freeman. i 206

The MVP of the girls’ Volleyball team chosen for two years running was Shari Williams. Her consistent serves and solid spikes helped the team keep a competitive edge on the opponent throughout the matches. Although an observer would take Shari’s abilities for granted, those behind the scenes know she earned every skill she possesses. In practices her constant good humor belied the sweat and effort she invariable poured into the sport. SHARI WILLIAMS Eileen Conti has played volleyball for W-H since entering the Upper School. Eileen's serve improved dramatically this year, changing from underhand to a solid midcourt overhand. As any member of the team can testify, Eileen always displayed great enthusiasm even when morale was at a low ebb. With the advent of this year’s winning streak, "Lulu” was then responsible for enticing a bevy of spectators including her boyfriend to support the team in their last home game of the season, which fortunately turned out a victory. For her contributions, Eileen was honored with the 1982-83 Coach’s Award. EILEEN CONTI Lisa Helligner was perhaps the best prepared member of this year’s volleyball team. Years of participation have developed her strength, skill, and reaction speed so that she was moved this year from the position of substitute setter to "pinch-server.” The sheer power of her spikes and serves won her the epithet "Spikin’ Mama” early. Off court, Lisa’s wild antics with cohort Shari Williams reminded Coach Freeman of last year’s Kearney-Arkoulakis comedy troupe, while keeping the rest of the team continually entertained. A regular atender of practices as well as games, Lisa showed deep loyalty to the sport although she was largely unnoticed in Wardlaw-Hartridge and perhaps the most under rated player in this year’s team. LISA HELLINGER 207

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