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Events play an important

Events play an important part in the rounding-out of a W-H student. The events varying from sports to dances allow the students to view the school in something other than an academic light. From the very beginnings of W-H in the Lower School, events are planned for all ages. Periodic assemblies occur throughout each school year geared to young intellects, and the much anticipated spring Field Day united the entire lower School in athletic endeavor. In the Upper School, too, assemblies bring cheer and contrast to the rigors of academic school life. Furthermore, the Student Council sponsored innovative fundraising events such as Carnation Day and the school dance (held this year and Valentine’s Day). In the last few years, sports events have also taken place among students, alumni, and faculty both indoors and out. Sports allow participants to vent their aggressions in a friendly competitive manner, strengthening instead of ruining relationships. The culminating event held at W-H has always been the Prom. Even before the merger, students from the two schools were able to associate with each other through the Prom. Originally, gymnasiums were decorated to transform them into the dance halls, but today the event has outgrown the confines of the school proper, and a restaurant is booked for the occasion. Whether they be one-time assemblies or time-honored traditions, events have always made W-H the diverse and viable school that now stands ready to enter its next century.

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