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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508

In order for HUD to

In order for HUD to achieve its program goals, HUD’s operations must be efficient and effective and must serve customer needs. HUD plans to achieve operational excellence by improving planning, processes, accountability, and transparency, and also by developing and using customer feedback mechanisms. In addition to the management objectives noted below, HUD is committed to contributing to achievement of performance goals that are major priorities for the federal government as a whole. Per the GPRA Modernization Act requirement to address Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) goals in the agency strategic plan, the annual performance plan, and the annual performance report, please refer to for the agency’s contributions to these goals and progress, where applicable. For information on HUD’s response to OIG’s Report on Management and Performance Challenges and the GAO High Risk list, see HUD’s 2013 Agency Financial Report. Acquisitions Management Objective: Improve HUD’s acquisitions performance through early collaborative planning and enhanced utilization of acquisition tools. Departmental Clearance Management Objective: Reduce the time and complexity of the clearance process by establishing and enforcing clear protocols for drafting and reviewing documents placed in departmental clearance. Equal Employment Opportunity Management Objective: Promote a diverse and inclusive work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment by educating the workforce on the overall Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) process and their EEO responsibilities as managers and employees of HUD. Financial Management Objective: Increase accuracy, speed, transparency, and accountability in financial management and budgeting for the agency. Grants Management Objective: Make the grants management process more efficient and effective by automating and streamlining processes, improving timeliness, and tracking performance. Human Capital Management Objective: Employ, develop, and foster a collaborative, highperforming workforce that is capable of continuing to deliver HUD’s mission in a changing and uncertain future. Information Management Objective: Make high-quality data available to those who need it, when they need it, where they need it, to support decision-making in furtherance of HUD’s mission. Organizational Structure Management Objective: Reduce the cost of leased space, utilities, travel and other related costs by adapting our business processes. 120 Achieving Operational Excellence Management Challenges and Objectives

Management Objective: Acquisitions Improve HUD’s acquisitions performance through early collaborative planning and enhanced utilization of acquisition tools. OVERVIEW The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) is responsible for all HUD procurement and procurementrelated activities. The acquisition process can be lengthy, partially due to necessary compliance with statutes, policies and procedures. OCPO sees an opportunity to streamline the acquisition process and increase customer satisfaction through a dedicated expert contract oversight workforce, enhanced utilization of available acquisition tools, improved early collaboration and teamwork in executing plans, optimizing the use of acquisition strategies, and enhanced accountability for successful outcomes through performance metrics. In this challenging economic environment, OCPO also seeks to maximize the value of every taxpayer dollar and ensure opportunities for small businesses. To accomplish this, OCPO is committed to using internal and external acquisition vehicles specifically established to leverage HUD’s and the government’s buying power, maximize opportunities for small business, and increase the successful outcomes of acquisitions for the best prices possible. STRATEGIES • Streamline the acquisition process. A major linchpin of the streamlining initiative is the improvement of acquisition workforce. OCPO will work to re-engineer HUD’s Government Technical Representative program to comply with the Federal Acquisition Institute’s Federal Acquisition Certification-Contracting Officer Representative (FAC-COR) model, and professionalize the COR job series, resulting in streamline pre- and post-award acquisition processes. As part of this effort, OCPO will lead a cross functional acquisition team that will include representation from HUD Program Offices and support offices. Implementation is expected to be phased in FY 2016 and include introduction of functional tools, such as the Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool in 2015. Specifically, the team will complete the following: • Develop standardized COR position descriptions, critical elements, competencies, and skill gap analysis; • Develop a robust support infrastructure to include critical elements for non-COR managers, require skill gap analysis be conducted by non-COR managers, and staff COR advocates to assist in transferring COR expertise to the workforce; • Transition the current model where COR duties are collateral in nature to a permanent, fulltime job series for HUD CORS under the new model. OCPO will also work to improve program and project management through a more robust FAC-P/PM program to ensure programs are being management by highly qualified P/PMs beginning in FY 2015. OCPO will also continue to improve the contracting workforce though the use of skill gap analysis, Achieving Operational Excellence Management Challenges and Objectives 121

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