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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508

Office of Lead Hazard

Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes. Increased coordination, both by providing technical assistance and resolving compliance issues, will increase the impact that Section 3 has on communities. LEADING THIS OBJECTIVE Gustavo Velasquez Assistant Secretary Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Dominique Blom Deputy Assistant Secretary Office of Public Housing Investments FY14 APR PROGRESS UPDATE HUD strives to support the economic opportunity of all residents and put them on a path to prosperity and self-sufficiency. In FY2014, the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program was expanded to residents in Multifamily Housing properties in addition to our Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher recipients. As of the end of FY14, 72.1% of FSS participants had increased their wages following enrollment in the program. HUD is working to develop new, locally-based approaches to increase earnings and advance employment outcomes for Public Housing residents, developing and releasing our Notice for Funding Availability for the Jobs Plus Pilot Program in October 2014. The pilot will direct $24 million to support work readiness, employer linkages, job placement and financial literacy for residents in an estimated eight communities. MAJOR MILESTONES Section 3 11/30/2014 Release proposed Section 3 Rule. Achieved as of this publication. HUD submitted the proposed Section 3 Rule to OMB in August 2014 and received feedback in December 2014. After responding to comments, the rule will be submitted to the Federal Register for a 60 day public comment period, after which the agency will decide further action on issuance. 72 6/30/2015 Release new Section 3 reporting tool for funding recipients. 73 12/30/2015 74 Collect baseline data on Section 3 results using new Section 3 reporting tool. 72 In the FY13 APR/FY15 APP, FHEO set milestones for the proposal and publishing of the Section 3 Rule. There is now concern about publicly stating we will publish a rule before it goes through the public comment period. Those milestones were removed and replace with this language. 73 The Section 3 business tool release has been delayed due to technical issues. (Remedy of these issues depends on the level of FY15 HUD IT funding.) 82 Retrospective: FY 2014-2015 Agency Priority Goal End Veterans Homelessness

9/30/2016 Develop technical assistance strategy and materials, and deliver technical assistance on Section 3. OTHER MILESTONES 3/31/2015 Implement the Jobs Plus program to enhance and measure impact of the place-based employment and asset-building model. 9/30/2015 Assess current capacity of Neighborhood Network Centers in Multi-family and public housing developments to improve understanding of residents’ digital literacy and access to online resources. MEASURING OUR PROGRESS To help achieve this objective, HUD has established following performance indicators. Percent of participants enrolled in the Family Self Sufficiency program who have increased wages 75 CY12 Actual CY13 Actual CY14 Actual CY14 Target CY15 Target CY16 Target 69.3% 69.9% 72.1% NA 72%.0 74.0% Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 requires that recipients of certain HUD financial assistance, to the greatest extent feasible, provide job training, employment, and contracting opportunities for low- or very-low income residents in connection with projects and activities in their neighborhoods and to the businesses that substantially employ them. Percent of Section 3 residents hired, of total hiring that occurs as a result of Section 3 covered HUD funding Note: The regulatory target for Section 3 residents hired is 30 percent of total hiring. FY12 Actual FY13 Actual FY14 Actual FY14 Target FY15 Target FY16 Target 44.1% NA 76 NA 45.0% 45.0% 47.0% 74 Collection of baseline data has been delayed due to the technical issues with the Section 3 reporting tool. Establishing this baseline will depend on successfully executing required enhancements to this system. 75 Previous targets and actuals, which were inaccurate due to a computing error, have been replaced. 76 HUD is experiencing deployment issues of a new Section 3 reporting tool to capture this information. Consequently this data is not available for FY 2013, and is currently delayed for FY 2014 reporting until technical issues are resolved. Retrospective: FY 2014-2015 Agency Priority Goal End Veterans Homelessness 83

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