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Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

110 4.5 The EDIT LOOP

110 4.5 The EDIT LOOP key This function allows a specified number of bars within a sequence to repeat in a loop while playing or overdubbing. This allows for quick recording or editing of the looped section. Pressing EDIT LOOP displays the following screen: The screen fields and soft keys are: • The NUMBER OF BARS field: This field specifies the number of bars which will be looped when the edit loop is created. • The 1ST BAR field: This field specifies the starting bar of the work loop. The current bar number is automatically inserted here. • SOFT KEY 1 - : Pressing this soft key turns the edit loop on. It also causes the PLAY/RECORD screen to be re-displayed and the EDIT LOOP light to go on, indicating that an edit loop is active. If EDIT LOOP is again pressed while an edit loop is active, the same screen will appear, with two changes: 1. The first two fields are displayed, but all changes are locked out. 2. The bottom line changes to: If SOFT KEY 1, , is pressed at this time, the edit loop will be turned off, returning the sequence to its normal operation. However, if SOFT KEY 2, , is pressed, the loop is turned off, but all changes made while the loop was on are not used and the sequence returns to its status before the loop was turned on. In either case, the EDIT LOOP light is turned off and the PLAY/RECORD screen is returned to.

Section 4:Editing sequences 111 4.5.1 Using EDIT LOOP as an "UNDO" function Because the EDIT LOOP function allows you the option to ignore all recording and editing which was done while the EDIT LOOP was on, it serves very well as an UNDO function. For example, if you want to record a drum fill on bar 4 of a 4 bar sequence, but you aren't sure if you want to keep it, simply following these steps will allow you to try it first, then restore the sequence back to its original state if you don't like it: 1. Fast forward to bar 4; 2. Press EDIT LOOP; 3. Set the NUMBER OF BARS field to 1; 4. Press SOFT KEY 1, , which will turn the EDIT LOOP on- now bar 4 will repeatedly play in a loop; 5. Overdub your drum fill; 6. Press EDIT LOOP again; 7. If you didn't like how the fill sounded, press SOFT KEY 2,

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