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Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

28 This indicates that

28 This indicates that the MPC60 is NOT enabled for recording. This process will NOT operate if the MPC60 is enabled for recording, indicated by the following top line of the PLAY/RECORD screen: If these words are displayed, you must first disable recording by doing the following: 1. Select a different sequence; then 2. Re-select the original sequence This feature is very useful for creating the structure of a song in real time while the MPC60 is playing. For example, while the sequence containing the 1st verse is playing, you could enter the sequence number contain the chorus, which will starting playing once the verse sequence is finished. Then, you might enter the sequence number containing the second verse, which will start playing once the chorus sequence has finished. This process may be continued infinitely. NOTE: If you use the DATA CONTROL to select a new sequence while playing, only the next higher or next lower sequence may be selected. If you want to select a sequence which is greater than one higher or lower, you must use the numeric keypad (remember to press ENTER after you have entered the new sequence number). NOTE 2: If you notice a timing irregularity at the point of transition from one sequence into another, the problem may be due to the assignments of the PROG field (in the PLAY/RECORD screen) for the sequence which plays immediately after the timing irregularity. The PROG field is described in section 3.3, "The PLAY/RECORD screen- the main operating mode of the MPC60". If, while playing one sequence, you change to a sequence containing these program assignments, the sequence's program assignments are sent out at the moment that the sequence starts to play in the song. This can present a problem because most synthesizers require a brief time delay while changing programs, and this delay time will cause any notes existing at the start of the new sequence to be delayed. This delay is brief in most synthesizers, but is usually enough to cause a timing irregularity at the start of the sequence. To avoid this problem, remove any assignments of the PROG field for the sequence which you are changing to while playing (in the above described manner). This problem does not apply to sequences containing only drums tracks.

Section 2: The Basics 29 2.10 Adjusting the playing tempo To adjust the playing tempo: 1. From the PLAY/RECORD screen, move the cursor to the TMPO field - this is the tempo setting; 2. Change the tempo either by typing in a new tempo number and pressing ENTER, or by turning the DATA CONTROL; There are other ways to adjust the tempo and many other tempo related parameters. These will be discussed later in the section entitled "RECORDING SEQUENCES".

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