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Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

84 4.1 Overview This

84 4.1 Overview This section of the manual describes the functions which relate to the editing of sequence data. In this section, you will learn to: • Erase drums or notes in real time while in overdub mode. • Erase selected drums, notes, or other midi events while stopped. • View a list of the sequence's time signature changes and number of bars for each change. • Create a new format of time signature / number of bars . • Insert blank bars into a sequence. • Delete selected bars from a sequence. • Copy a selected range of bars from a sequence and insert them elsewhere into the same or another sequence. • Copy a range of bars from one track to another track. • Merge two tracks together. • Copy one sequence over another. • Convert a song (song mode) into one long sequence for more detailed editing. • Shorten or lengthen a bar by changing its time signature. • Change the velocity or duration values of a group of notes after recording.

Section 4:Editing sequences 85 4.2 The ERASE key There are two main areas of the erase function: • Erasing notes while in overdub mode ("Live erase" mode) • Erasing specific events while stopped Each is described in detail in the following sections. 4.2.1 Erasing notes while overdubbing ("Live erase" mode) One of the ways to erase notes is called "live erase" mode. If the ERASE key is pressed and held during OVERDUB mode, the top line of the main screen changes for as long as ERASE is held: If, during this time, you press a drum pad (if the active track is a "drums" track) or hold a key on the midi keyboard (if the active track is a "non-drums" track), any occurrences of that drum or key on the selected track while both (the ERASE key and the appropriate pad or key) are held down will be erased. 4.2.2 The ERASE screen If the ERASE key is pressed while the MPC60 is not playing, one of the following two screens will appear:

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