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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

morning, the real

morning, the real meaning of this freedom and independence, which the remainder are supposed to have or, rather, are defended to have by those men who are more loyal to the king than the king is to himself, is to depart women from their virtues and natural tendencies, such as forming a family, bringing up children, arranging a home, and to make them join the hard, troublesome life of men, to get rid of the need of marrying and to become like single men or immoral men who are not faithful to their wives. This disorderly life, which has demolished the family life, has first commenced in those men who imitate Europeans, and later women also have been dragged down to this ditch. Where is the helpless young generation being dragged? Showing respect and politeness towards women, which has become a custom in society life, is sheer ostentation and done in order to diminish the miserableness and pitiable condition of women. In Europe today, there is nothing cheaper than women, married or unmarried. Society women who have gone far away from Islam are dragging on to this condition, too. It is obvious how numerous the unmarried couples are. The reason why voluptuous thought is dominant in oriental poetry is because life of fornication and dissipation has been very little in the east. An oriental poet wants to write about the kiss which his sweetheart has promised him, but which is something never seen, in order to make his lyric poem more vivid. On the other hand, in Europe this is done in the street, but no one takes notice. Widows are cheaper. Today, in Europe and in Muslim countries where society life and freedom of women have been spread, men get married easily. As for women, it is difficult for them to find a husband. Men are reluctant and look for beauty and money in marriage. As for the woman, she readily accepts a man’s proposal of matrimony. Contrary to this trouble which women have in setting up a home, they are easily accepted by those youngsters who look for a mate for one or two nights. In Muslim countries, there cannot be found a girl too old to find a husband. Men and women share one another, and each of the remaining women has become a housewife owing to the blessing of ta’addud al-zawjât in Islam. In contrast, in Europe the remaining girls earn money from men without being married and illegitimately, and they look for a husband to marry. In Europe, at places where there is society life, there is not the thing called love because women and girls swarm everywhere. Yet in Muslim countries, a man sees a pretty woman once in a blue – 104 –

moon. On this rare occasion he falls in love with her. The curtain which this love has put before his eyes and the curtain of veiling of other Muslim women come together not to show him a prettier one. In fact, because the second curtain does not show him -let alone another- the same woman once more, the flame of love gets fanned. This shows that the woman is so valuable and important in Muslim countries. What value can women have in society life, which takes them away from the state of belovedness? Let us listen about the pitiable situation of the society women from a great lady poet of France, Madame de Lara Mardirous, as translated by Cenâb Şihâbuddin Beg in his magazine Evrâk-i Eyyâm: “Tell your [Muslim] girls to appreciate the value of their happiness! Let them get used to living veiled. Living veiled will protect them against so many inconveniences that... Oh, if they could only know the number of girls who have sobbed and cried on my shoulder. My ears are full with the very terrifying and heartrending complaints of the beloved girls. Yes, it seems as if it were very sweet to be able to enter a ball full of lights and flowers. But, what a grievous serpent is the jealousy that gnaws at the heart of the woman who has gone there with her husband she loves. Could you imagine it? Each of the balls, theatres and places for meeting is a cell of torment of ‘Saint office’, a hell for a man who is faithful to his wife or for a woman who loves her husband. Inform your wives and sisters well about these facts!” There is a saying which is chewed like a gum in the mouths: “The advancement of women is necessary for the advancement of men, because a nation, one of whose two wings cannot function, cannot make progress. It can make progress only together with the women.” Such complicated, vague words show that those who cannot explain their purposes clearly attempt to communicate them under helping words. The advancement of women means not to leave them ignorant, not to slight their morals and education. Islam says nothing against having women do fine arts, which are suitable for their delicacy. It is permissible for women to do the fine works which men cannot do both in warfare and during peace and to learn them from other women. But, still they should stay away from men not related to them. The strongest thing that attaches the Muslim Turks to their country is their religious and traditional pure life in the family. Among them, those who consider this life of women’s and nâ- – 105 –

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