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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

“Since property

“Since property belongs to society, the individual is bound to lend his possession without interest to those in need.” (Page 69) Property belongs to society in socialist and communist countries only. In Islam, property is in the individual’s possession, as we have proved at length in the fifty-second paragraph. In Islam, others cannot interfere with the individual’s property. The society or the State cannot lay hands upon anybody’s property. If it does, it will be oppression and usurpation. Nobody can be forced to lend anything to anybody. “Zakât is a payment which is not left to the individual’s conscience. The government collects it. Zakât is not a donation given from individual to individual.” (Page 70) We have told in the fiftieth paragraph that this writing of his is very wrong and absurd. “Islam established its social order and overcame the world’s orders not through force of arms but through force of ideas.” (Page 75) We have proved with documents in the forty-ninth paragraph above that these thoughts are not compatible with Islam. In the same paragraph, we have quoted him as writing in his book World’s Peace and Islam, “There is very little work done on the field of the policy of state control so far. This aspect of Islam has not been explained in due manner,” which contradict his own words, “Islam established its social order...” It has often been seen in every field of knowledge that those who are not learned enough like him write in a haphazard way. “It will never suffice for us to invite them to Islam with brief or detailed teachings today, as the Prophet did in his days. Unlike today, there were not detailed social theories standing against the Islamic theory in those days.” (Page 77) He supposes Islam as a theory, a human thought. His writings indicate that he knows nothing about Islam. Islam is not a theory. Allâhu ta’âlâ and His beloved Prophet’s (’alaihi ’s-salâm) commands and messages make up Islam. Theories arising from man’s short mind or thought can never stand against these commands and messages but rot, melt and fade away. They are always overcome. If Sayyid Qutb had read the books of the Ahl as-Sunna scholars and understood them a little, he would have known his place and behaved himself and perhaps refrained from offering his own thoughts and absurd words unconformable with Islam as Islam to the youth. To disseminate writings of this sort in – 212 –

the name of Islam, which are incompatible with the knowledge derived from âyats and hadîths and written in the invaluable books by the Ahl as-Sunna scholars, means to attempt to spoil and demolish Islam from within. “We invite all beliefs equally and to the same liberty. It is the Muslim government’s duty to protect the freedom of belief. All the compatriots have equal dues from the sources of income. Personal possession is limited; it is society’s right to get the extra propety.” (Page 79) These thoughts of his are also diametrically opposed to Islam. Above he said that Islam should be spread, and here, he wants every religion to be given freedom. His words do not make sense. In fact, he strives to change Islam into socialism and communism. We have already answered these words of his a few pages earlier. “Whenever necessary, the government may get unconditionally from well-to-do individuals as much money as it needs for the protection of society.” (Page 87) We have given detailed answers to these wrong thoughts of his in the fifty-second paragraph. “If zakât does not suffice to do these, the government gets the extra property which the rich have and hands it to the poor.” (Page 92) If Sayyid Qutb, instead of imputing these socialistic thoughts of his to Islam, propounded put them as his own, perhaps he would have been able to find a place for himself among the youth, who have already been confused amidst various currents. But, his disguising himself as a religious man and attacking the Ahl as- Sunna scholars and his misrepresenting his own thoughts as Islam disgrace him in both this world and the next, and make him a target for the vengeance of Allâhu ta’âlâ. Please read the fiftysecond paragraph! With the following words, he altogether stripped off his mask and displayed his abominable ideas: “Islam is a force that runs to gift freedom to all people on the earth with no regard to the variety in their religious beliefs. When this force meets with aberrant forces, it is its duty to struggle and annihilate them.” (Page 203) He holds the unbelievers in dâr al-harb and Muslims equal and considers it as a duty to struggle so that unbelief, which Allâhu ta’âlâ calls foul and dirty, may spread and attain freedom. This is what he thinks of jihâd, which is done in the way of Allâhu ta’âlâ. – 213 –

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