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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

’anhumâ) that took

’anhumâ) that took place fourteen centuries ago -the ‘fait accompli’ which have been evaluated well by Islamic scholars- and thus caluminate the Prophet’s companions (radiy-Allâhu ’anhum). Such out-of-place and out-of-time discussions serve nothing but sow discord among Muslims and motivate the enemies of Islam. Ta’addud az-zawjât is not a command but a permission. It is written in the Turkish book Ni’met-i Islâm that it is even not a mustahab [1] but a mubâh. [2] It is fard to believe in that it is not permissible to criticize this permission of Allâhu ta’âlâ. It is kufr to deny or dislike this permission, which is clearly declared in the Qur’ân. Let us also add the fact that the husband who, because the laws forbid it and he respects the emotions of his wife, prefers to live only with her will be rewarded in he next world for having done without ta’addud az-zawjât. Islam’s permitting it is intended to protect chastity and to increase the population. If we look carefully at the words of those who dislike it, the thing which annoys them is not marrying more than one but marrying up to four, since they obviously have more than four mistresses and do cohabit. If all brothels were closed and public and private prostitution were prohibited, they would immediately change their opinion; such words as, “Since ta’addud az-zawjât is unnatural, it has not held on among Muslims,” would not be uttered any more and ta’addud az-zawjât would spread by itself. Marrying more than one could not hold on because of its unsuitability; so it was replaced by prostitution and adultery, which are suitable for civilized men! Is that right? Many men are in a position that will not allow them to deny that they fill the vacancy of ta’addud az-zawjât with illegitimate affairs. Therefore, by tearing the curtains between man and woman, they play with women’s chastity and honour. In European countries where women are given full freedom, men and women are all mixed up. Islam has set an equilibrium between women and men and commanded women to veil themselves in order to maintain the order. Though the foregoing discussion provides the necessary response to a modernist religion reformer who says, “A man’s marrying up to four women is injurious to women’s rights. One man’s having one wife is the equal and evenhanded commitment of human rights. Ta’addud az-zawjâd spoils this equality and [1] A deed or behaviour commended, though not commanded, by Islam. [2] Permission. – 116 –

justice,” the following points also will be helpful: It is obvious that in countries where there is not ta’addud azzawjât, illegitimacy and prostitution have spread out instead. Then, how can one ever say that pushing women towards prostitution will make them attain a right and an equality? It can be understood that all these clamours are intended to provide men with their amusement under the mask of giving women rights. The statistics show that the number of women in the world is greater than that of men. For this reason, more than one woman corresponds to a man. When women are fewer than men, ta’addud az-zawjât disappears by itself; the words ‘injustice’ and ‘inequality’ will remain without reason. Man, being unable to find another woman, will live with one woman. But, when there are more women and a man cannot overcome his desires, should he opt the legitimate way or the illegitimate way? Here is all the difference of views between religion reformers and Muslims. Is it necessary to close the legitimate way or the illegitimate way? Certainly, it is necessary to close one and to spread and facilitate the other. But which one? It is seen that this difference is based on the difference between being Muslim and not being Muslim. Advancement and progress of Muslims can be achieved by holding fast to Islam. It is impossible to attain salvation by abandoning Islam, which is unnecessary. Many people argue saying, “While nikâh is performed, every sort of condition can be laid down. The woman can demand from the man whom she is to marry to remain with a single wife throughout their married life and to give her the right of divorce.” These words are right. Islam gives woman this right, too. There is detailed information on this subject in Radd al-muhtâr. If a man, for the sake of his respect for the emotions of his first wife, should not marry another woman, should he succumb to his sexual desires and satisfy his desires in other places. Should he injure his own chastity and honesty and spoil the chastity and honesty of another woman? Should he sin as much as he wants and deserve the punishments stated in the above-quoted hadîths? Should evil feelings arise in his wife when she finds out these illegitimate, evil deeds of her husband? Should her chastity be injured lest her feelings should not be injured? We wonder if a woman who might hear that her husband cohabits with bad women will not suffer a heavy blow? Will not the effects of being a dishonest man’s wife be added to this? Moreover, if we think about the harm done to the wife’s chastity; its harm to the – 117 –

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