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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTION: Music for Mental and Physical Health COUNTRY: United States of America PROJECT: MUSIC THERAPY IN A LARGE URBAN MEDICAL CENTER: THE LOUIS ARMSTRONG CENTER FOR MUSIC AND MEDICINE DESCRIPTION: The Louis Armstrong Music Therapy Department at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC has provided a broad range of services throughout two medical centers in Manhattan and within the community for the last eighteen years. The mission ensures that the staff provides state-of-the-art care and integrates music with medical treatment. The program is a full in-hospital, out-patient and community-based program that services a variety of populations. Music medicine and music therapy is used throughout the hospital to enhance, restore or change medical, physical and/or psychosocial functioning. The team is trained to offer the most current music medicine and music psychotherapy treatment including clinical improvisation, music meditation, pain management, sedation, end-of-life, and breathing modalities. The music therapists conduct daily sessions with patients in many areas of the hospital: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Maternity, Oncology, Intensive Care Units, Peter Kruger Clinic for Infants, Children and Teens with HIV, Orthopedics, Hospice, Pain Medicine and Palliative Care, and the Sickle Cell Disease Unit (all programs described in depth on website). Innovative programs include: Music for Advances in Respiration (AIR) - Music therapy is used to address the physical symptoms of pulmonary disease, including techniques to enhance breathing and cope with symptoms such as dyspnea, as well as providing psychosocial support for people coping with chronic illness to enhance quality of life. The program is free and sponsored by the Grammy Foundation Grant Program. Music for Cardiac Advances in Rehabilitation (CAIR) - Music therapy is used to address the physical symptoms of cardiovascular disease, including techniques to regulate heart rate and blood pressure, as well as providing psychosocial support for people coping with chronic illness to enhance quality of life. Music-assisted relaxation and guided imagery are used to influence heart rhythms, optimize breathing and support stress management. Asthma Initiative Program (AIP) - helps children and teens with asthma in the school or community environments using music visualization and winds (recorders and flutes). The Music & Health Clinic serves the unique health care needs of musicians and performing artists, linking performance-related ailments to medical and clinical music therapy services. The unique team consists of a medical director, a team of music therapists and specialized doctors who can attend to the physical and emotional needs of the musician and performing artist. The Clinic additionally serves children and teens with emotional issues such as PDD, ADHD, conduct disorders, eating disorders and phobias. CURRENT STATUS: The Program is made possible through a generous grant from the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc., with additional funding from other public and private donors. The music therapy team is comprised of six music therapists, a medical director (MD), ten music therapy interns carefully selected from universities across the USA and a music therapy endowed „fellow‟. Training is provided for international students during the summer. The team sees about 3100 patients per year in individual, group or family sessions. Currently underway is a new NICU international training program entitled: Rhythm, Breath and Lullaby (RBL) that is supported by Remo and the Heather on Earth Foundations. The program is affiliated with New York University, Hahnemann Creative Arts in Therapy Program at Drexel, Molloy 94

College, the International Association for Music and Medicine and the American Music Therapy Association. RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: The mission of the program includes conducting research and publishing material to further advance the care provided to our patients and enhance the practice of medical music therapy. The team conducts research in conjunction with doctors and nurses, providing the utmost care and attention to the patients and families served. Current ongoing research projects involve mixed designs which provide for quantitative and qualitative data collections. The studies include: Heather on Earth Multi-site Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Study The music therapy team led research in 10 hospitals in a study investigating the effects of music therapy interventions for premature infants. This two-year project explored the use of live music with premature infants diagnosed with respiratory distress syndrome, clinical sepsis and/or small for gestational age diagnoses. This study is completed. Clinical Music Improvisation in Chemotherapy Study In the Helen Sawaya Research Project at St Luke's Roosevelt music therapists are investigating the impact of live music-drumming and clinical music improvisation, as well as vocal and song writing experiences in resiliency of receiving infusion therapy. This study is ongoing. The Effects of Music Therapy in the Recovery of Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery Music therapists are measuring the effects of live music applications in pain and recovery of spinal patients. This study is ongoing. Music Therapy and the Effects of Noise in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) As noise is a reported hazard affecting medical error as well as a hospital‟s capacity to maintain a healing environment, a research study is measuring staff, patient and caregivers' impressions of noise in the SICU with no music and after environmental music interventions are offered. This study is ongoing. Music Therapy during Simulation in Radiation Therapy This study is researching the use of music psychotherapy sessions and music programs for patients undergoing radiation therapy for newly diagnosed cancer. Patient preferred music is identified and programs structured to meet the needs of their level of traumatic experience. This study is ongoing. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Published materials under publications link on website, Dr. Joanne Loewy is the co-Editor in Chief of the International Journal „Music & Medicine‟ published by SAGE ( CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine Address: Beth Israel Medical Center, 6 Silver 21, First Avenue at 16th St., New York, NY 10003 Phone: 212 420-3484 and Fax: 212 420-2726 Contact Person: Dr. Joanne Loewy, Director Email: 95

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