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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

The Tao Foundation of

The Tao Foundation of the Philippines has committed to sponsor a 2-week intensive training workshop for teachers and luthiers in Manila in the summer of 2011. This includes purchasing of 300 brand new concert model folk instruments to be used by the OSA workshop participants. The goal of these workshops is to establish and build ten pilot programs that will serve as models for all OSA ensembles nationwide. CONTACT INFORMATION: Contact Person: Michael Dadap, (OSA) Founder Email: 58

SECTION: Music for Sustainable Community Development COUNTRY: Finland PROJECT: MUSIC FOR STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS: RESONAARI MUSIC SCHOOL DESCRIPTION: The Resonaari Music School has given learners with special needs a chance to engage in a goaloriented study of a musical instrument. It has created educational equality and democratic musicianship. Learning and participating in music activities have empowered Resonaari‘s students to step from the margins and become active members of society in many ways. As such, Resonaari‘s work can be regarded as cultural social work. In the case of some students the musical skills they have acquired have enabled them to become musicians and artists. They have received national publicity through the media and performed in numerous concerts and events. As a result, their musicianship status is sparking a cultural change in all of us. Under Finnish law, the central government and local authorities have a responsibility to arrange cultural activities that can reach everyone. However, people of all ages who have difficulties studying music with ordinary methods due to physical or intellectual limits cannot fully benefit from this. Resonaari is the only music school in Finland, and one of the few in the world designed primarily for students with special educational needs. The latest project for Resonaari is a Senior Project in which elderly people are learning music by playing in a band. Special Music Centre Resonaari has three basic goals: Educational Equality Democratic Musicianship Cultural Social Work CURRENT STATUS: Resonaari Music School has nearly 200 active students and 9 teachers. The Resonaari Music School follows the requirements of Finnish National Curriculum for Education in the Arts and consequently enjoys official music school status in Finland. The Research and Development Unit has ongoing academic research projects in co-operation with Sibelius Academy and Helsinki University. A two-year EU-project ‖Music for All‖ with Latvian and Estonian partners started in 2009. Resonaari‘s unique project has generated widespread international interest. A Figurenotes book has been published in Estonian, Japanese and Italian. Moreover, the system is being tested in projects with partners in Ireland, Scotland, and Iceland. Special Music Centre Resonaari received a Special Commendation at the inaugural of International Music Council‘s (IMC) Musical Rights Awards held during IMC‘s World Forum on Music in Tunis (October 2009). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Special Music Centre Resonaari Contact Person: Markku Kaikkonen, Director Phone: +358-400-766 712 / Email: 59

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