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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTIONS: Music for Sustainable Community Development Music for Mental and Physical Health Music for Working with Trauma Survivors COUNTRY: India PROJECT: THE COMMUNITY MUSIC THERAPY PROGRAM: THE MUSIC THERAPY TRUST DESCRIPTION: The Music Therapy Trust (TMTT) became a recognized charity in India in 2005. It was founded in order to bring clinical music therapy to India as a way to support the well-being of people living in impoverished and marginalized settings with multiple psychosocial, physical and medical needs. TMTT has initiated many projects throughout India, such as “The Community Music Therapy Program.” TMTT has also introduced the “The Music Therapy Academy” which offers the first professional clinical music therapy training program in India as well as the first clinical music therapy network as a way to further extend services nationwide. Mental health and social issues in India exist on a huge scale. The WHO estimates that approximately 10% of the underage population of India is physically or mentally disabled. At least 4 million children are diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. Likewise, according to UNICEF 2010, 42% of the population lies below the international poverty line. Millions of children, young people and adults are marginalized and vulnerable, with little or no prospects, while families suffer financial hardship, malnutrition and illnesses. The numbers of health professionals are limited and few resources exist to address these many issues. The poor and disadvantaged are the least able to access the limited treatment available. “The Community Music Therapy Program” is situated in Delhi and works in partnership with several organizations in the community-at-large. It provides music therapy services to numerous children, teens and adults with a variety of issues, including those with autism, cerebral palsy and/or physical disabilities. In addition, the program works with orphans, street children, those with HIV and life threatening illnesses and survivors of trauma. The program includes ongoing workshops, to support the parents and families and to educate them about ways to effectively incorporate music in their lives. The five community music therapy projects currently underway are: “Music Club” is a unique music club run by a TMTT music therapist for children and teens with physical and/or emotional challenges. These children, who have been rejected or excluded by family or society, work together with a music therapist using rhythms, songs and instruments. The project aims to enhance self esteem, to offer support and to help the children through music to express their pain, anger and neglect so they can return to mainstream education. “Music Therapy with the Disadvantaged” TMTT is working in collaboration with Bal Sahyog, a Delhi-based Children‟s Home for children in need of care and protection, which provides residential and educational facilities to about 100 children from disadvantaged families. With TMTT music therapists, the children and teens engage in music making and song writing to help enhance self esteem, sense of pleasure and improve their social and leadership skills. “Music Therapy with Autism” TMTT works closely with autistic children and their families through an ongoing collaboration with Action For Autism (AFA). At the TMTT Music Centre situated at AFA, many children receive individual/group music therapy sessions and parents attend workshops to explore the use of music at home. Likewise, TMTT partners with Anchal Charitable Trust to offer music therapy sessions to 24 children and teens with autism, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties or physical disabilities in the slums of East Delhi and Ghaziabad. 110

Music Therapy with Children with HIV” India is home to the world‟s largest population of HIV orphans and these children face staggering risks and typically die young or live on the streets. TMTT provides music therapy services to children at the NAZ AIDS Foundation, a foster home for children who are HIV positive, many of whom have been abandoned and are traumatized. The children are engaged in interactive music making in sessions and build nurturing and affirming relationships through sessions with the music therapists and with others at the home. “Music Therapy Drum Circles with Mainstreamed School Children” TMTT conducts ongoing drum circles with children receiving main stream education. Groups of children engage with TTMT music therapists in drum circles that are directed towards helping the children develop social and leadership skills through exploring rhythms, vocal and natural sounds. Sessions take place at “Teen Murti Bhavan,” Delhi. CURRENT STATUS: The Music Therapy Trust is self-funding, supported through gifts, donations and through fund raising efforts. In addition to this ongoing program, The Music Therapy Trust has recently established a collaboration with Handicap International India and ADAPT to conduct a program: “Music for Children with Special Needs- Gujarat and Mumbai.” This program provides music therapy to children with special needs and conducts ongoing classes with health professionals and educators to help them understand ways to incorporate music as a therapeutic tool with children. This program serves children through these six groups: The Blind Welfare Council, Dahod; The Mangal Murti Trust Vikalang Trust, Junagadh; “Navashkti Vidyalay for Developmentally Challenged Children” Rajkot, Gujarat; The “Shree Mahadev Educational and Rehabilitation Public Charitable Trust” Surat, Gujarat; and with Special Educators in Mumbai. These projects are helping extend the provision of music services to thousands of children and families throughout India. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: children-to-keep-pacewith-musical-notes/Article1-698898.aspx CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: The Music Therapy Trust Address: c/o Action For Autism, Jasola Vihar, Pocket 7 & 8, New Delhi 110025 Phone: 98 9998 1864 Contact Persons: Dr. Margaret Lobo, FRSA, Founder and Chief Advisor; Mr. Navin Nayan, Program Manager; Dr. Lucanne Magill, Course Tutor, International Internship Coordinator, Music Therapist; Mr. Somesh Purey, Music Therapist E-mail:; 111

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