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Travellive 4 - 2018

to get your kids excited

to get your kids excited about a trip, try to get them to go camping. it can be an invaluable gift for the child's memory, and a fantastic way to for family members to spend time together. The sound of the insects at night was stunningly clear. To be sleeping among the vast valley surrounded by mountains, the feeling was indescribable. We were excited and nervous at the same time. We laid a thick blanket on the ground for added comfort before snuggling inside our sleeping bags. The fact that we had a long day, plus a little corn wine at dinner made everyone even more sleepy. We slept like babies throughout the night. SHOULD ñ Find a safe and convenient location. ñ Find a clear site where there is sand or dry ground to set up the tents. ñ Camp under a tree to block the wind and reduce heat. ñ Avoid areas where the ground can get wet when it rains. ñ Avoid where it is too windy. ñ Mark the campsite for all members. ñ Keep clean, and protect the environment (it's always best to leave a campsite neater than you found it). SHOULD NOT ñ Stay too deep into the valley, or mountain, where it is the coldest and wettest. ñ Camp near areas that animals hunt or their caves to avoid unwanted night visits. ñ Steer clear from areas that are prone to floods and flash floods. Keep a safe distance from streams, rivers, lakes, and the sea. ñ Keep food in your tents, as this will attract animals. ñ Go unprepared. A little preparation goes a long way in making a trip a positive one. slEEpiNG iN a tENt aND BlEND iN With NatuRE Memories of the trip to the "dinosaur's backbone" in Ta Xua, Son La are still fresh in my mind. It was a long and arduous journey, but we took our time to explore the amazing beauty of Ta Xua. Just before it got dark, we saw a village down the valley, and decided to head toward it in search of a place to stay. The trail that led us down was quite narrow and slippery. It took us a while to get down, but we were lucky to have found a modest H'mong family who agreed to let us stay the night. The white flowers on the side of the road were in full bloom, creating a truly picturesque scene of the Chung Chieng Village. The next morning, we found our host family had risen before us. The older daughter turned on the radio, and played a H'mong love song while the wife was cooking noodles for the children to eat before sending them off to school and tending the buffalo. We brushed our teeth next to the buffalo's stall before boiling water to make ourselves some tea to enjoy in the misty morning of the mountain area. Life here was so serene and peaceful, and we were glad to simply forget about our normally hectic lives. fEEliNG totally alivE You can easily find campsites among the flower fields in Ninh Thuan, the pine forest in Dalat, the forest in the Central Highland, and the Bidoup Nui Ba National Park as well as a number of beaches and sand dunes around the country. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will not find when going on tours. Camping is becoming a popular trend among young travelers. Tran Anh Tuan, a traveler with a love for camping in Ho Chi 124 TRAVELLIVE

Minh City shared, "I have been everywhere, so now all I want is a simpler travel style that allows me to enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. The campsite must be far away from villages and has a clear view of either the mountains, forests, streams, waterfalls, or fields." One of Tuan's favorite campsites is Dalat, a place that allows him to visit any hills by motorbike to enjoy the cool fresh air. "I once set up a tent and stayed for seven days straight. The weather was exceptionally good with only light rain in the afternoons and cool winds in the evenings. I got to wake up to a beautiful sea of clouds every morning." Thuy Lan, a resident from Nha Trang, shared that her most unforgettable camping experience was on the coast of Cu Lao Cau, a pristine island of Binh Thuan Province. She spent a nervous night in the tent, unable to sleep with the repetitive sound of the waves, while everything around her was pitch black. Her morning experience though, more than made up for the anxiety she felt the previous night. "It was incredible to watch a couple practising yoga together on the beach. Such a romantic thing to witness. It is wonderful that they share not only hobbies, but a love for camping with each other", shared Thuy Lan. Camping lovers shared you can actually get addicted to camping. Many who do not find the time to go camping, find a temporary solution for their hobby by putting up a tent inside their house, where they can play with their children, and have a memorable and fun experience. Camping is a great way for a family to spend time together, and often make lasting memories in a child's heart. Nature can offer you fresh air, breathtaking landscapes, and a true view of the wild life, as well as starry nights that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Nature brings children the most lively experiences, and allows them to truly feel the world around them with their senses. To get your kids excited about a trip, try to get them to go camping. It can be an invaluable gift for the child's memory, and a fantastic way to for family members to spend time together. GlampiNG foR thosE Who pREfER ComfoRt If you want to go camping, but experience a more luxurious way of camping that allows you to sleep in the great outdoors, and still provides you with the best of comfort, try glamping - a style of camping with amenities, and in some cases, resort-style services for nature lovers who are looking to have the most authentic experience possible, but in style. Glamping, which offers a luxurious setting, fine dining with champagne, and delicious wine, is becoming a popular trend among highincome tourists. The modern luxury of glamping allows guests to immerse themselves in nature without having to sacrifice creature comforts. Perhaps you might want to consider glamping this summer for a totally different experience. The luxurious tents are often decorated in different themes from bohemian, to gypsy, to rustic styles. You can enjoy not only the sound of the ocean, but also live acoustic music with your loved one for an unforgettably romantic experience. TRAVELLIVE 12