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Travellive 4 - 2018

ß≠Óc khai sinh tı

ß≠Óc khai sinh tı nh˜ng n®m 20 cÒa th’ k˚ tr≠Ìc tπi thµnh phË New York trong bËi c∂nh n“n kinh t’ ph∏t tri”n mπnh mœ, c®n hÈ penthouse ngay khi Æ„ Æ∑ Æ≠Óc Æfinh danh lµ kh´ng gian sËng dµnh cho giÌi th≠Óng l≠u bÎi s˘ xa hoa vµ gi∏ trfi Ææt Æ· cÒa n„. Nh˜ng c®n hÈ nµy ph∏ vÏ m‰i quy tæc th´ng th≠Íng Æ” tπo nn nh˜ng dinh th˘ siu cao c†p Æ∏p ¯ng Æ≠Óc m‰i yu c«u v“ kh´ng gian sËng Æ´ thfi th≠Óng ƺng, x¯ng t«m vÌi chÒ nh©n lµ nh˜ng ´ng trÔm tµi ch›nh ho∆c nh˜ng tµi phi÷t lıng danh. MÈt trong nh˜ng c®n hÈ penthouse Æ«u tin Æ≠Óc sÎ h˜u bÎi ´ng trÔm truy“n th´ng n≠Ìc M¸, ngµi Condä Montrose Nast - cha ÆŒ cÒa tπp ch› Vogue vµ Vanity Fair danh ti’ng. C®n hÈ cÒa ´ng lµ mÈt penthouse duplex (th´ng 2 t«ng) c„ di÷n t›ch ln tÌi 465m 2 , bao gÂm c∂ nh˜ng phflng ch¯c n®ng sang tr‰ng nh≠ phflng kh∏ch, phflng khiu vÚ, th≠ vi÷n, th»m m¸ vi÷n... MÈt c®n hÈ penthouse Æ∏ng chÛ ˝ kh∏c Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ vµo n®m 1925 cho bµ Marjorie Merriweather Post, ng≠Íi s∏ng lÀp C´ng ty General Foods vµ lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng phÙ n˜ giµu nh†t n≠Ìc M¸. C®n hÈ cÒa bµ Marjorie Merriweather Post chi’m toµn bÈ 3 t«ng cao nh†t cÒa toµ nhµ sË 1107 Fifth Avenue cÒa thµnh phË Manhattan. VÌi s©n th≠Óng bao quanh, 17 phflng tæm, 2 b’p, phflng r≠Óu vang, phflng l≠u tr˜ hoa vµ l´ng thÛ, phflng ®n vÌi s¯c ch¯a 125 kh∏ch..., c®n hÈ nµy Æ≠Óc Æ∏nh gi∏ lµ tiu chu»n vµng cho cuÈc sËng th≠Óng l≠u. Ngµy nay, c®n hÈ penthouse c„ th” Æ≠Óc t◊m th†y trn toµn th’ giÌi - tπi HÂng K´ng, London, Los Angeles vµ c∏c thµnh phË kh∏c. ChÒ nh©n cÒa nh˜ng c®n penthouse sang tr‰ng nh†t cÚng lµ nh˜ng tn tuÊi lıng danh nh≠ TÊng thËng Donald Trump vÌi c®n penthouse d∏t vµng, di‘n vin hµi Amy Schumer, siu m…u Gisele Bundchen hay ca s‹ Jennifer Lopez... D‹ nhin, trong c∂ tr®m n®m qua, ÆÈ "hot" cÒa penthouse ch≠a bao giÍ suy gi∂m vµ ti÷n nghi trong c®n hÈ cÚng ngµy cµng xa hoa h¨n. 42 TRAVELLIVE

One hundred years of honor The idea of a penthouse apartment was born in the 1920s, when economic growth brought a construction boom to New York City along with a high demand for luxurious apartments among the upper class. Penthouse apartments have gone beyond the normal concepts of living to become highend residences within metropolitan living spaces that are reserved for the most wealthy. One of the first penthouses was owned by American media magnate Condä Montrose Nast, the father of Vogue and Vanity Fair. His apartment was a penthouse duplex (two floors connecting) with an area of 465 m 2 that included luxurious features such as a large function room, a ballroom, a library, and a beauty salon. Another notable penthouse was designed in 1925 for Marjorie Merriweather Post, the founder of General Foods and one of first truly rich women in America. Her penthouse apartment occupied the entire top three floors of the 1107 Fifth Avenue building in Manhattan, and included a rooftop, 17 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, a wine cellar, a flower and fur storage room, and a dining room for 125 guests. A luxurious penthouse apartment was considered the gold standard for an upper class life. Today, penthouse apartments can be found all over the world from Hong Kong, to London, to Los Angeles, and to most major cities around the world. The owners of the most luxurious penthouses are well-known names such as Donald Trump, or singer Jennifer Lopez. For the past one hundred years, the demand for luxurious penthouses has never ceased, and the standards are getting higher when it comes to extravagant penthouses that can provide their residents the ultimate in comfort and convenience. TRAVELLIVE 43

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