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Travellive 4 - 2018

Ninh B◊nh - Tr«n

Ninh B◊nh - Tr«n Th≠¨ng QU≥ ßóC GIÅ TH¢N M⁄N! ô mÈt x¯ sÎ nhi÷t ÆÌi nh≠ Vi÷t Nam, khi vi÷c th›ch nghi vÌi næng hà Æ∑ thµnh "b∂n n®ng sinh tÂn" cÒa nhi“u ng≠Íi th◊ nh˜ng ng≠Íi kh∏c lπi ch‰n gi∂i ph∏p trËn n„ng bªng c∏ch x∏ch vali ln Æ≠Íng du ngoπn Æ„ Æ©y. Cfln bπn, bπn Æ∑ sΩn sµng cho mÔa hà nµy ch≠a? H∑y cÔng Travellive Æ„n chµo mÔa hà 2018 khi hfla m◊nh vµo lµn n≠Ìc bi”n xanh l†p l∏nh ∏nh bπc, in nh˜ng d†u ch©n Æam m kh∏m ph∏ ln b∑i c∏t mfin mµng tπi mÈt trong nh˜ng resort Æãp nh†t vÔng bi”n Vi÷t Nam, kh∏m ph∏ nh˜ng Æi”m Æ’n kh´ng th” b· qua trong th∏ng 5 ho∆c ln k’ hoπch cho mÈt chuy’n cæm trπi l∑ng mπn gi˜a thin nhin hoang s¨. MÔa hà n®ng ÆÈng mÎ ra bao Æi“u thÛ vfi khi bπn dπo b≠Ìc kh∏m ph∏ thµnh phË c∂ng Essaouira cÒa Maroc hay Æ’n x¯ sÎ cÒa c∏c Pharaoh Î Ai CÀp, tr∂i nghi÷m cuÈc sËng du mÙc gi˜a trÍi Æm trong sa mπc c´ ƨn Siwa nhuËm mµu huy“n b› nh≠ trong truy÷n cÊ t›ch "Ngh◊n lŒ mÈt Æm". H¨i n„ng mÔa hà sœ trÎ nn m∏t dfiu khi c„ nh˜ng ng≠Íi bi’t yu thin nhin muËn gˆi tÌi cÈng ÆÂng lÍi ku g‰i b∂o v÷ m´i tr≠Íng vÌi h◊nh th¯c du lfich xanh bªng xe Æπp. H∑y cÔng h‰ tr∂i nghi÷m mÈt Vi÷t Nam t≠¨i Æãp trn nh˜ng vflng b∏nh xe quay! BAN BI£N TÜP Dear valUeD reaDers, Summer in Vietnam is sweltering, and while many locals have conditioned themselved to live under the sometimes seemingly unbearable heat, others opt to escape by taking long summer vacations all over the country. And you, are you ready for this summer? Travellive invites you to immerse yourselves in the sparkling blue sea, set your footprints on the most pristine beaches, and enjoy the finest luxury resorts across Vietnam. Summer is also an ideal time for you to venture out to farflung corners of the Earth to explore the amazing port city of Essaouira in Morocco or travel to Egypt to experience life in the lush desert of Siwa - the setting of the magical Arabian tale "One thousand and one nights". This summer, nature lovers are hoping to raise awareness about environmental protection and promote green travel by touring around the country by bike. Let us join them in their incredible two-wheel journeys, and likewise enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Vietnam! EDITORIAL BOARD 14 TRAVELLIVE


Fachowy Dekarz & Cieśla 2018/4