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Day 4 - IFA International

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News THE ZOUND OF MUSIC Konrad Bergström President and Co-founder, Zound Industry Zound Industries is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in New York, USA and in Shenzhen China. Describing itself as a fashionable electronics firm, it is home to audio accessory brands Urbanears, Marshall Headphones, Coloud and Molami. Founded in 2009, it has grown fast, with its four brands represented in over 20,000 stores in 100 countries. Currently the company is in good shape financially, with total sales in 2014 up 70% to €57 million. "Our mission was clear from the very beginning: Go big. We’re not only about the latest colours and trends anymore; we have become a reliable partner to several consumer electronic chains and telecom operators with our global awardwinning products. We’ve also seen a huge increase in the speaker segment, that now represent almost half of the total sales", said Konrad Bergström, President and Co-founder. During 2014, Zound Industries partnered with telecom giant TeliaSonera, enabling the telecom operator to bundle fashion headphones, audio speakers and device accessories together with their mobile telecommunications. This year there was more good news when Paris-based investor Time for Growth injected €10 million in the company. This capital was used to finance the launch of the Marshall London smartphone. "Zound industries has morphed in six years into a leading international music hardware company, at the forefront of fashion and technology. We look forward to joining the company on its product-anchored high growth track, and want to accompany the pivot launch of the first music dedicated smartphone," said Henri de Bodinat, President at Time for Growth. Marshall London Smartphone Attracts Rock Star Love Cult musician Courtney Love wows fans at IFA signing event A large crowd of superfans, paparazzi and members of the public gathered at the Zound Industries stand on Saturday afternoon to see rock star Courtney Love. Love, who gave a live performance earlier the same day, was visiting the Marshall-branded section of the Zound stand to sign photos and memorabilia - bringing a large part of Hall 1 to a stand still. Love, along with former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, is at IFA to help promote the new Marshall London smartphone. Although Zound-owned Marshall is best know for its unique speaker design, the brand has recently been extended across a number of different related consumer electronics categories (such as headphones). The smartphone, which launched in July, is the most ambitious development to date and is targeted primarily at hardcore music lovers. The handset itself has a very neat design that is great emphasis has been placed on ensuring the audio quality of the Marshall London smartphone is up to scratch. deliberately in keeping with other products in the Marshall range. In addition to its attractive leather back, it has a volume rocker in the shape of a wheel, and a gold clicker that gives users quick access to music applications. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, great emphasis has been placed on ensuring the audio quality of the Marshall London smartphone is up to scratch. The phone comes with dual frontfacing speakers, as well as a couple of 3.5 mm headset jacks, making it simple to share music with others. It ships with premium Marshall Modes headphones. There are also software optimisations designed to reinforce the Marshall London's music position. The button on the top of the phone takes users to Marshall’s music central. From here, they can select local music or streaming services. There's also an app to keep people up to date on the world of music. In addition to all of the Marshall London Smartphone great music functionality, the Android phone is a decent 4.7 inches, with a 720p display. There is also a removable battery, microSD card slot, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a rear-facing eightmegapixel camera. The timing of the Marshall London launch makes a lot of sense, with a number of other leading brands also placing strong design at the heart of their proposition. There is also a move towards retro and authenticity that the Marshall London brand plays into.. Hall 1.2 Stand 116 16

News Philippe Starck Puts Spotlight on Customer with New Gorenje Collection Gorenje has taken another step forward in its ambition to offer consumers something genuinely new and exciting in home appliance innovation by linking up with world famous designer Philippe Starck, who has collaborated with them to create a new kitchen collection. The extensive range is centred around Starck’s trademark minimalist design and features high-end reflective glass and stainless steel on the outside of each of the products so that they blend seamlessly in to the kitchen. Starck said his inspiration for the range was to put the spotlight not on the actual designed product , but the person or people in the kitchen using it. They are the real stars of the kitchen, he said. He said the challenge was to make the design as “subtle” as possible and to create a range that had the “right products, made in the right way, for the right people, at the right price”. The Starck range, he stressed, was not for the elite, but for as many people as possible to enjoy. These were designs made for “30 years not three years”. Starck has worked with the Gorenje team to create a full kitchen collection including ovens, microwave ovens, hobs, hoods, refrigerators, drawers and décor panels. “The challenge was to create something that is technologically impeccable and still has a cosy, warm and human feeling to it,” he explained. Hall 1.1 Stand 201 Hot or Cold, Sparkling or Still, the User Decides with Happy Frizz Biotech Trentino’s new Happy Frizz Zero gives the user more choice Biotech Trentino, the Italian company that created the Happy Frizz brand, launches Happy Frizz Zero at IFA. Happy Frizz Zero is a domestic dispenser that serves microfiltered or unfiltered water, still or sparkling – the user can choose the level of carbonation – at room temperature or chilled. Simple to use, to access the water all the user needs to do is touch the proximity sensing touch screen. Happy Frizz Zero incorporates Biotech Trentino’s Direct Integrated Cooling System (DICSY), a patented technology that operates in a very small space, with reduced energy consumption and ensuring stable and quiet functioning. The dispenser is 21cm wide and 44cm tall. The dispenser has a threelitre external tank, so requires no installation – but it can also be connected to the domestic water supply if desired, with an installation kit, which is sold separately. The system uses a 0.5 micron sintered carbon block filter with a 10 micron prefilter. The microfiltration, produced by 3M, removes tastes, odours, chlorine, lead, mercury, asbestos, atrazine, benzene and protozoan cysts. The filter is good for 1,500 litres or six months, and features a bypass system for users who do not require filtration. Unlike traditional dispensers, which require a technician, Happy Frizz Zero alerts the user automatically when it is time for the periodic cleaning of the machine. Hall 8.1 Stand 207 IFA International • Monday 7 th September 2015 17

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